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Can the Sweden Democrats save Sweden?


First published in the Nordfront newspaper, 7 July 2017.

In Sweden today there are over three million people who have either one or two parents born abroad, which amounts to almost one third of the population. Even if we subtract those originating in Europe, North America and Australia, the number is around two million, approximately a fifth of the population. In Sweden there are currently 800,000 people who are of ethnic Arabic origin, and the number is constantly rising. [1]

Sweden Democrats and Nordic Resistance Movement logos

Besides mass immigration having led to culture clashes, division and increased crime due to new interest groups in society, it will also ultimately lead to our people’s extinction if something drastic is not done to change the situation. This can be achieved without starting a clear and open war against us but instead by purely biological means; i.e., Nordic men and women having fewer children than immigrants and not exclusively starting families with partners of their own race. According to some calculations, the Swedish people will be a minority in Sweden within just 25 years. [2]

“Exactly!” some will say. “That’s just why we need the Sweden Democrats!”

The Sweden Democrats (SD) state in their political programme that they will limit immigration to a “responsible” level and will encourage voluntary repatriation with generous economic contributions as incentives. The Sweden Democrats will therefore not stop immigration. Likewise they will not make anyone go home. They appear to be totally content with the dismantling of the Swedish nation that has occurred so far and are happy to see it continue, even if at a somewhat decreased rate.

Furthermore, Swedes as a people, as a biological entity, are completely unimportant, according to the Sweden Democrats. They do not even recognise our (or anyone else’s) ethnic existence. Their own political programme states:

The Sweden Democrats’ nationalism is open and non-racist. Because we define the nation in terms of culture, language, identity and loyalty, and not in terms of historical national affiliation or genetic group affiliation, our national community is open for people with backgrounds in other nations […] The Sweden Democrats define the Swedish nation in terms of loyalty, common identity, common language and common culture. In our opinion one can become a member of the Swedish nation either by birth or by actively choosing to be assimilated into it later in life. [3]

So according to the Sweden Democrats it’s just a coincidence (with perhaps a little influence from the climate) that the Nordic countries have developed to their current state and a place such as Africa looks how it does today. Our innate racial characteristics are unimportant and meaningless.

Today the Sweden Democrats and their policies are to a great extent a part of the established and “approved” politics currently practised in Sweden, and the differences between them and the other parliamentary parties are slight. These differences are also becoming smaller and smaller as the Sweden Democrats tend to become more liberal with each passing year, while many of the other parties have felt pressured to tone down their former “open heart” rhetoric in a populist attempt to win votes.

Due to the media and cultural establishment’s tactics of feverishly calling the Sweden Democrats racists (with support from easily led and loud-voiced parrots on the Left), many Swedes believe that the Sweden Democrats have considerably more radical views than they actually do, and that they constitute a genuine opposition and a healthy alternative that can make a difference for Sweden and the Swedish people.

However, as we’ve already established, this is sadly not the case. Today many of the Sweden Democrats’ public representatives are careerists who are doing so well for themselves in their new lives as well-paid professional politicians that they are prepared to renounce everything that possibly once had meaning for them. For example, party leader Jimmie Åkesson stated in an interview on Sveriges Radio’s Ekot programme in February this year that he is prepared to completely leave immigration policies to the Moderates and Social Democrats if it allows him to fortify his power and be a part of negotiations on other issues. [4]

The Sweden Democrats have already abandoned a lot of their views and have liberalised their positions to such a great degree on so many issues that they – partly in fear of losing their political careers – have expelled members they deem as “racist” with the most intensive frequency of any party. “Racism” to the Sweden Democrats can be anything from believing it to be problematic that the Bonnier family has too much of a media monopoly, to supporting the party’s original political programme, in which they stressed the importance of Sweden’s being ethnically homogeneous.

The expulsions have gone so far that the Sweden Democrats even kicked out their entire youth association because they didn’t elect the party’s suggested populist candidate as their new chairman, instead choosing to vote for a somewhat more radical candidate who might have ensured the party adopted slightly better policies. In doing so Jimmie Åkesson and the SD leadership consolidated the party’s ideology and their positions of power for their own gain. [5]

However, the liberalisation of the Sweden Democrats hasn’t just been confined to their immigration policies. For example, in the party’s first manifesto, they proposed limiting the scope of foreign citizens’ ownership of commercially orientated activities in Sweden, and saw it as problematic that private ownership was concentrated in the hands of a few large participating interests. [6]

Today, in contrast, the Sweden Democrats sit in the lap of Zionists, big finance and foreign interests. [7] [8]Things have gone too far in the wrong direction in Sweden just to reduce immigration. It’s even too late just to stop immigration without repatriating anyone. There is no more time and energy to waste on politicians who are more interested in their personal bank accounts than the nation’s wellbeing. The Sweden Democrats are no opposition; they are a part of the establishment that is in the process of destroying our people.

So is everything lost? Is all hope for our salvation in vain?

Today the Nordic Resistance Movement is the only political party in Sweden that will actually accomplish much of what many futilely appear to hope and believe the Sweden Democrats will. The Resistance Movement will stop mass immigration. We will begin repatriation of the majority of those who are not ethnic Europeans or closely related peoples. We recognise the problems caused by a small number of parasites with far too much power owning the banks, media and entertainment industry, and ultimately we aim to retake this power from them and return it to the people.

You won’t find any careerist politicians in the Resistance Movement. Instead you’ll find altruistic men and women who work wholeheartedly and voluntarily for our people; upstanding men and women who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and do the hard work wherever and whenever necessary. We speak the truth and do not fear the reprisals that follow from the system.

The Nordic Resistance Movement will never back down or dilute our views. We believe our people’s survival and freedom are not open to comprise, and that there must be an end to fake opposition that sucks up to the establishment. Instead we choose to resist. We are the Nordic opposition. We are the future of the North!


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