The Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, Denmark

Public leafleting and speech in Svendborg

ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently visited Svendborg, where they gave out leaflets to the people and held...
Nest 2 Nordic Resistance Movement members leaflet in Boras

Nest 2 leaflet in Borås while Antifa hide

ACTIVISM. In response to a recent Antifa attack on nationalists in Borås, members from Nest 2 decided to hold a leafleting session in the...

NORDIC FRONTIER #110: Polish Israel

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we ask the question: Are Jews good for Poland? And much, much more. Listen to "NORDIC FRONTIER #110: Polish Israel" on...

Video and photos from 1 May in Ludvika

1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group presents a video and photo compilation from this year’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika.

Andreas Johansson on The Public Space

INTERVIEW. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appeared on JF Gariepy’s popular YouTube show The Public Space on Sunday 12 May. Watch the episode below.

1 May – Jimmy Thunlind speaks in Ludvika

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Jimmy Thunlind delivered another impassioned speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika. Here follows a video by the...

Nordic Voice #3: The lost episode

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. We present to the world a brand new episode of the rising podcast Nordic Voice. Listen to "Nordic Voice #3: The...

(Inter)national training in Nest 8

ACTIVISM. Nest 8 has a visitor from Italy teach them a thing or two during an intense martial arts training session. The 30th of April...

Intensive weekend for Nest 3

ACTIVISM. Nest 3 combine honouring the birth of a hero with street activism. The activism started on the night before the 20th of April when...

NORDIC FRONTIER #109: First of May 2019 Edition

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we talk First of May 2019 Edition and we invite man from Pastaland for an exotic take on Nordic National Socialist...


Nordic Resistance Movement members in Iceland hold a banner and flag on a bridge

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland – 2018 in review

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A yearly report for 2018 was recently published on the website of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement –