Covid-19 NRM awareness poster

Double poster actions in Oslo and Moss

ACTIVISM. Norway’s Nest 1 recently held two major poster actions in Oslo and Moss. Norway’s Nest 1 recently conducted a major poster action in...

Monthly meeting with lecture in Sweden’s Nest 2

MEETING. On Saturday, 6 March it was time for Nest 2’s latest monthly meeting. The meeting began with a lecture by Jimmy Andersson, in which...

NORDIC FRONTIER #189: Pedo Rehab and Banana Dance

NORDIC FRONTIER. We'll have a look at Swedish state media trying to rehabilitate the reputation of a pedophile lover, an epic banana dance and...
Nordic Resistance Movement protest against Israeli attacks on Palestine, Kristianstad, Swedenvideo

Protest action against the terror state of Israel

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 3 held a protest action in Kristianstad on Friday against the Jewish terror state’s attacks on Palestine.  For decades, the Palestinian people...
Nest 1 and 8 celebrate Swedish National Day

“Nest 18” celebrate Sweden’s National Day

NATIONAL DAY. Sweden's National Day was jointly celebrated by comrades from Nest 1 and Nest 8 on 6 June. On Sunday, 6 June, Resistance men...
Tobias Lindberg

Guns and gun ownership: An interview with Tobias Lindberg

INTERVIEW. Tobias Lindberg recently won a landmark case in the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden, which resulted in the police returning his confiscated firearms....

Jewish struggle – A model for us?

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Resistance Movement writes about whether it's right to use National Socialism's antagonists as models for our struggle. We recently translated...
Nordic Resistance Movement Nest 6 "Love Your People" banner action police smoke grenade

Banner action with lecture and police visit in Sweden’s Nest 6

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 6 met in Skellefteå on Saturday, 9 October, for an eventful day in the struggle. First on...
NRM Nest 3 Christmas activism, Kristianstad, Sweden

Sweden’s Nest 3 visit lively Christmas market in Kristianstad

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 3 distributed specially produced leaflets at a busy Christmas market in Kristianstad at the weekend. On the first Advent of 2021, activists...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in the snow in Sollefteå, Sweden

Banner action in a snowy Sollefteå

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 4 were out in snowy conditions to hold a banner action with the message “This land is our land!” on Saturday,...


Aristotle quote: "Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers."

Hard times create strong activists

STRUGGLE. Nest Chief Hampus Maijala writes about how the challenges faced as an activist in the Resistance Movement help you grow as a person...


Political Soldiers

Stavanger sword monument

What do you live for?