Finland’s Independence Day commemorated in Helsinki

FINLAND. On 6th December, Finland’s Independence Day was commemorated with two demonstrations in Helsinki. The first demonstration was arranged by Soldiers of Odin. The demonstration... replaces

INFORMATION. Due to government censorship, the Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland has had to change its website domain. The Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance...

National Socialists honour Daniel Wretström’s memory

SWEDEN. On 9th December, National Socialists honoured the memory of Daniel Wretström on the anniversary of his murder. The young nationalist Daniel Wretström was assaulted... is back!

ANNOUNCEMENT. The web shop is now back online after a period of reorganisation. The Nordic web shop has been closed for the last...



National Socialist flash demonstration in Helsinki

FINLAND. The Finnish National Socialist organisation Kohti Vapautta (Towards Freedom) held a flash demonstration and leaflet distribution in central Helsinki on 30 November. The demonstration...
Eugen Schauman memorial

National Socialists in Finland honour Eugen Schauman

FINLAND. We just recently received a message that appears to be from sympathisers of the banned Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement. We...


Simon Lindberg’s 1st of May speech

1 MAY. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 2020 1st of May demonstration was postponed. In its place, a digital 1st...
Classical Roman frieze

The People’s State