Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?

IDEOLOGY. The anti-Nordic homosexual lobby is often described as being “Cultural Marxist”, but what is Cultural Marxism? Where did it come from, and what...

In Defence of National Socialism

GÖTA COURT OF APPEAL. The Attorney General wants it to be illegal to express oneself in a positive light with regards to National Socialism....
The Revolution Begins with You leaflet

The Revolution Begins with You! New leaflet from the Nordic Resistance Movement

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement has just produced a new hard-hitting leaflet for distribution across Sweden. Entitled ‘The Revolution Begins with You’, it...
Nordic Resistance Movement members in Iceland hold a banner and flag on a bridge

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland – 2018 in review

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A yearly report for 2018 was recently published on the website of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement –
Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols

IDEOLOGY. Here follows a brief introduction to the symbols of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The National Rune – The symbol of the Resistance Movement The National...
Sweden Democrats and Nordic Resistance Movement logos

Can the Sweden Democrats save Sweden?

First published in the Nordfront newspaper, 7 July 2017. In Sweden today there are over three million people who have either one or two parents...
Nordic Resistance Movement logo surrounded by hands

A People’s Community in Practice

IDEOLOGY. Leif Eriksson discusses the importance of a people’s community as a part of our worldview and the ways it should influence us in...

What is National Socialism?

IDEOLOGY. The Nordic Resistance Movement is totally committed to the National Socialist worldview. National Socialism is concerned with what is best for our own people...

National Socialism – The Organised Will of the People

IDEOLOGY. Sebastian Elofsson writes about the importance of a strong and united people. The Nordics and their people are facing immense challenges: destructive mass immigration,...

Race – Not Country

IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg explains National Socialism’s relationship to race and nationality, an important distinction that is often misunderstood.


Are we right-wing extremists?

NATIONAL SOCIALISM. We are often called right-wing extremists by the media. Is this statement accurate? Are we right wing? As National Socialists, we are often...

What is fascism?

Alibis vs allies