Nicklas Norling, Nordic Resistance Movement speechvideo

Municipal election in Ludvika: Interview with Nicklas Norling

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. An interview with the long-time activist and third candidate in Ludvika Municipality, Nicklas Norling. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you...

Evicting anti-fascists in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 chase away the red plague and confiscate their banners.  On the morning of Saturday 6 August, activists from Nest 1 went...
Nordic Days 2022 Nordic Man of the Year boxingvideo

Video and photos from Nordic Days 2022

NORDIC DAYS. A video and selection of photos taken at this year's Nordic Days event. Report from the event: Nordic Days 2022
Danish wilderness activity in Rold Forestvideo

Wilderness exercise 2022

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. A team from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently completed a tough 44-hour wilderness exercise in Rold Forest and...
Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Blitz demonstration in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement recently held a blitz demonstration in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, with speeches and a leaflet distribution. The Resistance Movement conducted...
Martin Saxlind, Nordic Resistance Movement public activity in Skellefteå, Swedenvideo

Public activity in Skellefteå after rape of 10-year-old girl

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement took to the streets following a disgusting attack on a 10-year-old girl by an African. Activists and members gathered in...
NRM anti-homo lobby action in Hobro, Denmarkvideo

Action against the homo lobby in Denmark’s Nest 3

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 held an activism meeting followed by a public action against the homo lobby last Saturday. Saturday began with...
"No to LGBT Propaganda" action, Hobro, Denmarkvideo

Actions against the homo lobby in Denmark

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Denmark have begun a series of actions against the homo lobby and its propaganda in connection with the...
NRM EU flag burning, Denmarkvideo

Action against increased EU control in Denmark

ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement have been conducting an ongoing campaign against the European Union ahead of a...
Hiking trail, Värmland, Swedenvideo

Ancient monuments, railways and wildlife – Wilderness tour in Sweden’s Nest 5

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Resistance Movement members from Värmland paid a visit to Klarälven river and the surrounding countryside last weekend. Members and supporters from Nest 5...


Sweden Democrats and Nordic Resistance Movement logos

Can the Sweden Democrats save Sweden?

First published in the Nordfront newspaper, 7 July 2017. In Sweden today there are over three million people who have either one or two parents...

Resistance Movement 3.0

Stavanger sword monument

What do you live for?