Guerrilla radio podcast logovideo

Simon Lindberg interviewed on Guerrilla Radio

RADIO. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement was interviewed on the Guerrilla Radio podcast on the Heel Turn network on Wednesday. During the hour-long...

Chief of Icelandic branch in radio interview

INTERVIEW. Bror Vakur, chief of the Icelandic branch, was interviewed by Max on our local radio show Radio Ludvika. After the Swedish edition of the...

Nordfront TV visits Paris

MEDIA. Nordfront TV conducts interviews with party leader Yvan Benedetti among others while visiting Paris. A delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement and Nordfront TV...

INTERVIEW: Simon Lindberg gives his thoughts on the new website

EVENT. Simon Lindberg talks about the new website and the possibilities it holds. On the weekend of Januari 26-27th the Activist Days were held in...

Simon Lindberg interviewed on The Public Space

INTERVIEW. Simon Lindberg joins JF Gariépy on The Public Space for an extensive interview on the politics and goals of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Simon Lindberg interviewed by Russia Today

INTERVIEW. RT interview with Simon Lindberg at yesterday's Nordic Resistance Movement rally in Stockholm. The 2,000-plus comments on the video are nearly 100% positive.

Simon Holmqvist and Tobias Lindberg interviewed on Red Ice Radio

INTERVIEW. Henrik Palmgren welcomes Tobias Lindberg and Simon Holmqvist to the program for a discussion about recent concessions made by the Swedish mainstream media. Listen...


Nordic Resistance Movement May Day march in Falun

Are demonstrations meaningless? No!

OPINION. In this article – originally written in the run-up to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s “Revolt against the Traitors” demonstration in Gothenburg on 30...