Nordic Resistance Movement activists attend Dresden memorial

REMEMBRANCE. On 13 February – the anniversary of the Allies’ terror bombing of Dresden – a remembrance ceremony organised by the Dresden Committee took...

How the Swedish police harass political dissidents

FILM. See the incredible film in which Nordic Resistance Movement activist Fredrik Kosonen is pulled out of a car while on his way home...
Nordic Resistance Movement on Red Ice Radiovideo

Simon Lindberg and Pär Öberg on Red Ice Radio

INTERVIEW. Henrik Palmgren invites Simon Lindberg and Pär Öberg to the show. The conversation focuses on the Nordic Resistance Movement, a National Socialist organization...

Pär Öberg, Emil Hagberg and Robin Palmblad on Red Ice Radio

INTERVIEW. Pär, Robin and Emil join Red Ice to discuss their involvement in the Nordic Resistance Movement and the paths that led each of...


Race – Not Country

IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg explains National Socialism’s relationship to race and nationality, an important distinction that is often misunderstood.