Cultured Thug reviews “Our Path”

MEDIA. The popular YouTube personality Cultured Thug reviews our political program "Our Path".
The Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Lysekilvideo

Nest 2 visit car cruising show in Lysekil

ACTIVISM. On Midsummer Day, comrades from Nest 2 visited a car cruising show in Lysekil, Bohuslän. Both the weather and the reception from the...

Dual activities in Nest 2

ACTIVISM. On Saturday, 18 January, Nest 2’s activist division held two simultaneous leaflet distributions, one in Varberg and one in Mariestad, in western Sweden....

Challenging wilderness activity in Nest 5

NATURE. Nest 5’s activist group spent almost 24 hours in the woods of Dalarna on Saturday 23rd May. Here’s their report on how the...

Public action in Hinnerup

ACTIVISM. On Sunday afternoon, a small group of Resistance members visited a town square in Hinnerup, Denmark, to give out leaflets and talk with...
Nordic Resistance Movement May Day 2021 bannervideo

1st of May 2021 video

1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement presents a video of the organisation's pan-Nordic activism in support of the Nordic worker on the 1st of...


Soldier with gun

From weapons, freedom!

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about freedom, democracy and weapons. Terms such as ”freedom” and ”democracy” are used very arbitrarily by...

Political Soldiers

A Link to the Past