Nordic Resistance Movement Proud White Youth campaignvideo

The Nordic Resistance Movement presents Proud White Youth

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. We introduce the nationalist youth campaign that now stands under the direction of the Nordic Resistance Movement.  In late summer 2021, the...
Bellum fitness podcast

Rob Rundo interviewed on Bellum podcast

INTERVIEW. The founder of Media2Rise, Rob Rundo, joins the Bellum podcast for an in-depth interview.  The co-founder of the Rise Above Movement, Rob Rundo, joined...
NRM Sandvad Asylum Centre protest, Denmarkvideo

Flash demonstration and speech at Sandvad Asylum Centre

ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement activists held a flash demonstration and speech in front of Sandvad Asylum Centre, Denmark, which houses racially alien murderers and sex...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner, Vejle, Denmarkvideo

Banner action in Vejle: “Love Your Own People”

ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement distributed a positive message in Vejle with a banner action and leafleting.  Activists visited... LED banner and smokevideo

Social Days and activism in Denmark’s Nest 3

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Members gathered for martial arts training and activism at the monthly Social Days event in Denmark’s Nest 3.  Saturday was dedicated to community...
Snow-covered tent in a Scanian forest, Swedenvideo

Living in a tent in winter

REPORT. Resistance Movement activist Marcus Hansson has been living in a military tent for the past three months. In this personal article, he tells...
NRM mobile banner action in Örkelljunga, Swedenvideo

Mechanised agitation in Örkelljunga

ACTIVISM. Below follows a video from the recent mobile banner action in Örkelljunga and a short written interview with one of the participants. On 26...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Jönköping, Swedenvideo

Nest 7 banner actions in Jönköping

ACTIVISM. Several banner actions were held on central bridges in Jönköping by Sweden’s Nest 7 on Saturday, 26 February. Activists from Småland gathered in Jönköping...
Nordic Resistance Movement poster, Red Cross refugee centre, Sandvad, Denmarkvideo

Action against refugee centre and corrupt politicians in Sandvad

ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement members conducted activism in support of local people in their fight against an asylum centre for criminal racial aliens in Sandvad,...
Nordic Resistance Movement Karlstad public activityvideo

What have politicians ever given you? – Public activity in Karlstad

ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement activists visited a sunny Karlstad last Saturday to spread the organisation’s pro-Nordic message. On Saturday 19 February, a group of activists from...


Achieving Final Victory

IDEOLOGY. Fredrik Vejdeland writes about two factors necessary for achieving victory in the long run. A revolutionary movement doesn’t get anything for free: no state...
Classical Roman frieze

The People’s State