Pär Sjögren Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament winnervideo

Boxing tournament champion – Interview with Pär Sjögren

ORGANISATION DAYS. A video interview with the winner of the boxing tournament at Organisation Days 2021, Pär Sjögren.  One of the highlights of this year's...
Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Swedenvideo

The Nordic Resistance Movement VS the Left Party in Munkedal

ACTIVISM. The Left Party planned to demonstrate against the Nordic Resistance Movement in Munkedal, but the Resistance Movement stole the Left Party’s intended venue...
Pär Sjögren speaks against censorship and government persecution at public rally in Stockholm, Feb 2019video

Pär Sjögren speaks against censorship and government persecution

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Nest 5 Chief Pär Sjögren was invited to speak at a public event in Stockholm about the dangers of censorship and...

Double public rallies in Eskilstuna and Västerås

ACTIVISM. Nest 1 and Nest 8 held joint public rallies with speeches and leaflet distributions in Eskilstuna and Västerås on 14 September. The activities...

Martial arts training in Nest 7

TRAINING. On Sunday 19th April, Nest 7 held a martial arts training session.  The training began with a warm-up relay race, with each runner carrying...

Public action in Norrköping on Yom Kippur

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 8 visit Norrköping Synagogue for a public activity. Norrköping welcomed Resistance men from Nest 8 with sunshine and Indian summer weather when...
NRM flares fired over Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Denmark is drowning in mass immigration and multiculturalism – Symbolic action in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 fired emergency flares over Aarhus in a symbolic action as Denmark drowns in mass immigration and multiculturalism. When you...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Jönköping, Swedenvideo

Nest 7 banner actions in Jönköping

ACTIVISM. Several banner actions were held on central bridges in Jönköping by Sweden’s Nest 7 on Saturday, 26 February. Activists from Småland gathered in Jönköping...
Nordic Resistance Movement activist on Skierfe mountain, Lapland, Swedenvideo

Video from the Resistance Movement’s mountain hike in Lapland

VIDEO. Resistance Media presents a video full of fantastic scenery and dizzying heights from the recent hike to Skierfe mountain.  Resistance Media has released a...

Danish branch leaflet in Svendborg

ACTIVISM. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement conduct a public leafleting session in the town of Svendborg. The day brought a new...


Team pulling together

There is no “right” time to join the struggle

IDEOLOGY. The Norwegian writer "Russleman" explains that the time to take your rightful place in the struggle is now, and not a moment later. It...

Back to the Trenches

Humiliation violence

Soldier with gun

From weapons, freedom!