NRM Nest 1 banner action, Stockholm, Swedenvideo

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: A new year of struggle begins: Banner actions in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 inaugurated the New Year with banner drops and a public banner action. On New Year’s Day, Nest 1 began a new...
Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstrationvideo

Video from Oslo demonstration

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance Media presents a video from the flash demonstration in Oslo, Norway, last weekend. The video follows a photo report from the demonstration,...

Nordic Resistance Movement marches in Nyköping

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement held a spontaneous flash demonstration in Nyköping, Sweden, yesterday. Due to previous poor police handling of the Movement’s public activities,...
Guerrilla radio podcast logovideo

Simon Lindberg interviewed on Guerrilla Radio

RADIO. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement was interviewed on the Guerrilla Radio podcast on the Heel Turn network on Wednesday. During the hour-long...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists leaflet in Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Public activity in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. On 19 October, activists from Nest 3 in Denmark carried out a public leafleting session in Aarhus city centre. For more than two hours,...

Memorial gathering for Tommie Lindh in Härnösand

MEMORIAL. Earlier today the Nordic Resistance Movement participated in a memorial service for Tommie Lindh in Härnösand. This afternoon, members and activists from the Nordic...

The Nordic Resistance Movement is on Odysee

VIDEO. The Nordic Resistance Movement now has official accounts on the Odysee video platform. Videos and podcasts from the Nordic Resistance Movement can now be...
Nordic Resistance Movement flag in the forestvideo

Wilderness camping in Sweden’s Nest 6

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 6 organised a hike with overnight camping in the forests of Norrland on Saturday, 20 March.  The aim of the trip...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner, Vejle, Denmarkvideo

Banner action in Vejle: “Love Your Own People”

ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement distributed a positive message in Vejle with a banner action and leafleting.  Activists visited...

How the Swedish police harass political dissidents

FILM. See the incredible film in which Nordic Resistance Movement activist Fredrik Kosonen is pulled out of a car while on his way home...


Man in front of burning house

“I will join when the collapse comes”

IDEOLOGY. Karl Folkesson comments on the phenomenon of supporters who are “waiting for the collapse”. When supporters are encouraged to organise and fight for a...

Achieving Final Victory

A New Mentality

The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

Why do we fight?