Training report from Denmark

ACTIVISM. Activists gathered on Saturday for combat training in Nest 1 of the Nordic Resistance Movement's Danish branch. Eight activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement's...
NRM flares fired over Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Denmark is drowning in mass immigration and multiculturalism – Symbolic action in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 fired emergency flares over Aarhus in a symbolic action as Denmark drowns in mass immigration and multiculturalism. When you...
Nest 8 Nordic Resistance Movement activists visit Nyköpingvideo

Nest 8 activism weekend

ACTIVISM. On 9 March activists from Nest 8 met for a full weekend of activism.  The weekend began with a public leafleting session in Nyköping....

Nationwide activism to mark “liberation” of Denmark – “National Socialism never surrenders”

ACTIVISM. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement conduct a nationwide action to mark the anniversary of the “liberation” of Denmark. On Monday 4th...

Cultured Thug reviews “Our Path”

MEDIA. The popular YouTube personality Cultured Thug reviews our political program "Our Path".

Video from Resistance Days

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement presents a video report from the first Resistance Days event, which took place earlier this year. Related: The first...
Nordic Resistance Movement Winter Aid initiative in Odense, Denmarkvideo

Winter Aid in Odense

ACTIVISM. Winter Aid was in Odense to distribute clothes and hot food to homeless Danes on Saturday, 27 February. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid...

“Mass Immigration = Genocide” banner action in Denmark

ACTIVISM. Danish Nest 2 conducted a banner action from a highway bridge near the town of Farum yesterday. A group of activists from Denmark’s Nest...
NTV interview with Der Dritte Weg's Julian Bender in Romevideo

Video report: Nordic Resistance Movement members attend CasaPound memorial demonstration

CASA POUND. Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement were in Rome on the first weekend of January to attend a memorial march by the...

Banner action in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. Danish activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement carried out a banner drop from a bridge in the city of Aarhus on Saturday. Activists from...


Jimmy Thunlind

Jimmy Thunlind’s 1st of May speech

1 MAY. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 2020 1st of May demonstration was postponed. In its place, a digital 1st...

Status Quo ante Revolution

Back to the Trenches

National Socialism in Practice

Achieving Final Victory