How the Swedish police harass political dissidents

FILM. See the incredible film in which Nordic Resistance Movement activist Fredrik Kosonen is pulled out of a car while on his way home...

The Resistance Movement visits Swedish Game Fair

ACTIVISM. Resistance men from Nest 1 and Nest 8 recently conducted a public flyer distribution at the Swedish Game Fair, a large hunting event...

Dual activities in Nest 2

ACTIVISM. On Saturday, 18 January, Nest 2’s activist division held two simultaneous leaflet distributions, one in Varberg and one in Mariestad, in western Sweden....

Canoeing and camping in Nest 7

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Activists in Småland enjoy a canoeing and camping excursion in the countryside. On Saturday 13th June, comrades from Nest 7 met for a...

Resistance Movement warn of local politicians’ contempt for the people in Malung

ACTIVISM. The Activist Group from Sweden’s Nest 5 went to Malung, Dalarna County, last month to highlight the contempt politicians have for the will...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flares at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholmvideo

Videos and photos from demonstration against vaccine passports in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Resistance Media presents exclusive videos and photos from Saturday's mass demonstration against Covid passports in Stockholm.   

Cultured Thug reviews “Our Path”

MEDIA. The popular YouTube personality Cultured Thug reviews our political program "Our Path".

“Luleå municipality are murderers!”

ACTIVISM. Members and activists of Nest 6 in Sweden gathered outside Luleå town hall to protest against the treacherous politicians’ maltreatment of an elderly...

Banner action in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. Danish activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement carried out a banner drop from a bridge in the city of Aarhus on Saturday. Activists from...

Public leafleting and banner action in Kristinehamn

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 visited Kristinehamn on Saturday 29 August for a public activity. Watch on BitChute / Brand New Tube Members and activists from the...


Rifle on ground

Defeatism – The enemy’s psychological weapon

IDEOLOGY. Karl Folkesson writes about how the enemy deliberately attempts to demoralise the nationalist movement via defeatism. Defeatism, hopelessness, “being blackpilled”. This is a state...