Nordic Frontier excerpt

Globalism fails in these Corona times

Free market and global capitalism cannot help countries in crisis. Corona proves that globalism and the EU must be eliminated. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #144. iFrameResize({...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Hollywood feminism and reality

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhollywoodfeminismandrealityresizeIframe') Nordic Frontier on “Hunger Games” and Hollywood feminism. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #161: Koran Burnings and New Speak
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Wolfram Nahrath: “My conviction will not change until I die”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrwolframnahratmyconvictionwillnotchangeuntilidieresizeIframe') Nordic Frontier invited legendary defence lawyer and long-standing nationalist Wolfram Nahrath to talk about his work defending thought criminals in...

Crazy feminists exported to Norway

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Message to Icelanders

Excerpt from the first episode of the Icelandic podcast Landsmenn where Ríkharður Leó Magnússon from Iceland interviews the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement,...

The struggle in Finland goes on

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrthestruggleinfinlandgoesonresizeIframe') Despite being banned, not dead! Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #9: International struggle against the global parasite. Comrades abroad and geopolitics
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Stupid mistake to demonize White Americans

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrstupidmistaketodemonizewhiteamericansresizeIframe') Alan talks about how stupid it is for the anti-White establishment to demonize millions of White Americans because of their...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

“Black metal is like modern art”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrblackmetalislikemodernartresizeIframe') In the latest episode of Nordic Frontier the host Andreas tells about the successful special program on Black metal (In...

Interview with Shandon Simpson

Nordic Frontier invited American National Guardsman Shandon Simpson who was recently fired from his job, kidnapped and tortured by the FBI for his political...

TEASER: The real reason why they ban us

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrteasertherealreasonwhytheybanusresizeIframe') Teaser for tonight’s episode of Leadership Perspective which will be about: Democratic dictatorship, banning and freedom of speech. We start...


Vera Oredsson - When the Flagpoles Bloomed

When the Flagpoles Bloomed review

REVIEW. What was life really like growing up in the Third Reich? Vera Oredsson’s childhood memoirs offer a very different version of history to...