Landsmenn podcast back online

RADIO. The Icelandic podcast Landsmenn is now available again after being banned by Spreaker. Both episodes of the Landsmenn podcast are now available on PeerTube...

Landsmenn #2 – Interview with Tommy Olsen

In the second episode of the Icelandic podcast Landsmenn, National Socialist Tommy Olsen, head of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, is...

Landsmenn #01: Interview with the Leader

Ríkharður Leó Magnússon from Iceland interviews the Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, in English in this pilot episode of Landsmenn -...


Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?

IDEOLOGY. The anti-Nordic homosexual lobby is often described as being “Cultural Marxist”, but what is Cultural Marxism? Where did it come from, and what...
Soldier with gun

From weapons, freedom!

Soldiers in rows

Military discipline