LIVE 20.00 – NORDIC FRONTIER #120: Nordic Days 2019

NORDIC FRONTIER. Crypto Jews on Twatter, "Defence Spray" and the Nordic Days - We'll talk about it! Listen to "NORDIC FRONTIER #120: Nordic Days 2019"...

NORDIC FRONTIER #109: First of May 2019 Edition

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we talk First of May 2019 Edition and we invite man from Pastaland for an exotic take on Nordic National Socialist...

NORDIC FRONTIER #127: Gothenburg Trials

NORDIC FRONTIER. We invite Fredrik Vejdeland to discuss the Gothenburg trials. Listen to "NORDIC FRONTIER #127: Gothenburg Trials" on Spreaker. WEEKLY SHILL: Jenny Laszlo: “Expo failed completely” The...


Man standing before a mountain

Why make the perfect the enemy of the good?

OPINION. In this article, Martin Saxlind argues that we should not let the perfect stand in the way of the good. Several times over the...

National Socialism in Practice

National Socialism in Our Time

Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?