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Nordic Voice #6: Activist Bible

NORDIC VOICE. A brand new episode of Nordic Voice is here! iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrnordicvoice6activistbibleresizeIframe') In addition to the usual three, we have two new...
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Nordic Voice #7: Street action and movie review

Time for a brand new episode of Nordic Voice! iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrepisode7fromnordicvoiceresizeIframe') This time we will have with us: Kristian, who enjoys hanging transexual park...

NORDIC FRONTIER #198: It is always going to be funny!

NORDIC FRONTIER. Humour is a violent, dehumanizing matter that makes nazis laugh. We're going to find out what's so funny and why it's so...


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Opinion: Nationalists should not overfocus on the parliamentary approach

IDEOLOGY. The Norwegian writer "Russleman" comments on other aspects in the nationalist struggle that are far more important than parliamentary work. The road to...
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