Sarektjåhkkå hikingvideo

Climbing Sweden’s second-highest mountain

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. In the last week of August, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement scaled the northern peak of Sarektjåkkå mountain in Lapland, northern...
Bohusleden hiking

Hiking 120 kilometres on the Bohusleden trail

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. For four days in August, Sweden's Nest 2 conducted possibly one of the toughest hikes ever organised by the Resistance Movement. This year,...
Marcus Hansson released from prison

Free from the system’s custody – An interview with Marcus Hansson

INTERVIEW. The activist and former responsible publisher for is interviewed following his release from prison. At the beginning of July, Marcus Hansson was released...
Nordic Days 2021 rugby

Photos from Nordic Days 2021

NORDIC DAYS. We present some more images from the Resistance Movement's photographers at Nordic Days 2021.
Nordic Days 2021 Fredrik Vejdelandvideo

Nordic Days 2021

NORDIC DAYS. The Resistance Movement presents a report and video from this year's Nordic Days.  On the weekend starting Saturday, 14 August, members and supporters...
NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionvideo

Peace for Nordic Women 2021 – Video and summary

ACTIVISM. Sweden's Nest 2 presents a summary of all the activism conducted during their recent "Peace for Nordic Women" campaign. During the first week of...
Pär Öberg

Pär Öberg – 50 years

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Fredrik Vejdeland reflects on the Resistance man Pär Öberg on his 50th birthday. It's not every day that I make a 500-mile round...
NRM anti-paedophile leaflets

Paedophile awareness action in Ekerö

ACTIVISM. On 4 August, Sweden's Nest 1 conducted an awareness campaign regarding a recently released paedophile in Ekerö. The paedophile in question was previously sentenced...
Nordic Resistance Movement White Lives Matter activity in Eksjö, Sweden

Sweden’s Nest 7 back on the streets of Eksjö

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The correspondent for Sweden's Nest 7, Victor Johansson, reports on a full day of activities, both on the streets and at the...
NRM "Peace for Nordic Women" public activity, Lysekil, Sweden

“Peace for Nordic women” activity in Lysekil

ACTIVISM. Sweden's Nest 2 held a public activity in Lysekil on 7 August to conclude their "Peace for Nordic women!" campaign, which has been...


Man standing before a mountain

Why make the perfect the enemy of the good?

OPINION. In this article, Martin Saxlind argues that we should not let the perfect stand in the way of the good. Several times over the...