NRM public action in Sävsjö, Sweden

Public action in Sävsjö

ACTIVISM. On Saturday, 25 September, Sweden’s Nest 7 created a great commotion in Sävsjö with a public activity. Lately, the traitors in power in Sävsjö...
NRM Norway election activism

Election activism: “What politicians really think”

ACTIVISM. On the day before the parliamentary elections in Norway, the Resistance Movement’s Nest 3 conducted a campaign to show voters what politicians’ really...
NRM banner action, Stockholmvideo

Activism and sightseeing in Stockholm: “In defence of the North!”

ACTIVISM. An eventful Sunday for Sweden’s Nest 1 began with a high-profile banner action and was concluded with a visit to the Oxdjupet sound. On...
Kristianstad NRM activism

Spectacular activism in central Kristianstad

ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement held a town square meeting and an abseiling action in the multicultural city of Kristianstad on 11 September. Kristianstad has recently...
NRM banner, Gentfote, Denmark

Banner activism in Greater Copenhagen

ACTIVISM. A group of activists conducted banner drops and spread propaganda in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, last weekend. Banners were hung in several places in the...
NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionvideo

Peace for Nordic Women 2021 – Video and summary

ACTIVISM. Sweden's Nest 2 presents a summary of all the activism conducted during their recent "Peace for Nordic Women" campaign. During the first week of...
NRM anti-paedophile leaflets

Paedophile awareness action in Ekerö

ACTIVISM. On 4 August, Sweden's Nest 1 conducted an awareness campaign regarding a recently released paedophile in Ekerö. The paedophile in question was previously sentenced...
Nordic Resistance Movement White Lives Matter activity in Eksjö, Sweden

Sweden’s Nest 7 back on the streets of Eksjö

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The correspondent for Sweden's Nest 7, Victor Johansson, reports on a full day of activities, both on the streets and at the...
NRM "Peace for Nordic Women" public activity, Lysekil, Sweden

“Peace for Nordic women” activity in Lysekil

ACTIVISM. Sweden's Nest 2 held a public activity in Lysekil on 7 August to conclude their "Peace for Nordic women!" campaign, which has been...
Nordic Resistance Movement speech in Strömstad

Speech and public action in Strömstad

ACTIVISM. Members and activists from Sweden's Nest 2 gathered in Strömstad for a small town square meeting and a public leaflet distribution on the...


A Thor's hammer necklace

Genuine Norse beliefs and those of political larpers

IDEOLOGY. The Icelander Ríkharður Magnússon discusses our Old Norse beliefs and the ways in which they have been distorted in the modern era. I won’t...
The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

Why do we fight?

Race – Not Country