Helsingborg Terrasstrapporna NRM banner action

Abseiling action at Kärnan Terrace in Helsingborg

1 MAY. Activists from Sweden's Nest 3 abseiled down one of the towers of Kärnan Terrace in Helsingborg on the 1st of May, attaching...
Nest 2 activists, 1 May 2021

1st of May in Sweden’s Nest 2

1 MAY. Sweden's Nest 2 were in Gothenburg and Kungälv on the Workers' Day, 1st of May. For the day's activism, the Nest chose to...
1 May 2021 NRM activism in Stockholm

1st of May activism in Stockholm

1 MAY. On 1 May, the Workers' Day, members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 gathered to spread healthy messages in central Stockholm under...
NRM 1 May 2021 activism, Luleå

1st of May activism in Luleå

1 MAY. On the 1st of May – the workers' holiday – activists and members gathered in Luleå to take part in the Resistance...
May Day 2021 NRM activism in Helsingborg

1st of May in Helsingborg

1 MAY. On 1 May, Sweden's Nest 3 hired a trailer and decorated it with the Resistance Movement's propaganda in the form of two...
Nordic Resistance Movement sticker in Nuuk, Greenland

Stickers in Greenland

ACTIVISM. Sympathisers of the Nordic Resistance Movement have put up stickers in the area around Nuuk, Greenland.
NRM banner action in Stockholm on May Day 2021

1st of May banner action in Stockholm

1 MAY. Sweden's Nest 1 held a banner action over Nynäsvägen road in Stockholm as part of their activities honouring the Nordic worker on...
Nest 5 1 May 2021 activism

1st of May activism in Sweden’s Nest 5

1 MAY. On 1 May, 2021, Sweden’s Nest 5 carried out an eye-catching activity as part of the Resistance Movement’s pan-Nordic day of activism. The...
Love Your People Nordic Resistance Movement banner, Sweden

Banner action with Stockholm Police

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 conducted a “Love Your People” banner action with a protracted visit from Stockholm Police on 18 April. On a sunny Sunday,...
NRM 1 May 2021 banner activism, Sweden

1st of May activism across the Nordic nations

1 MAY. Today is 1 May, the workers’ day of celebration. In honour of the occasion, the Nordic Resistance Movement has been conducting activism...


National Socialism and religion

OPINION. Jimmy Thunlind writes about National Socialism’s relationship to religion. The main factor that is usually cited as distinguishing man from other living beings on...

National Socialism in Our Time

Classical Roman frieze

The People’s State

Nordic Resistance Movement marchers on May Day 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden

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