The Nordic Resistance Movement march on 1 May in Kungalv

The Nordic Resistance Movement honours the Nordic worker on 1 May

FIRST OF MAY. Markus Larsson summarizes both of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s First of May demonstrations, one of which unfortunately deals all too much...
The Nordic Resistance Movement march on 1 May in Kungalvvideo

1 May demonstrations in Ludvika and Kungälv

1 MAY. Today the Nordic Resistance Movement held successful May Day demonstrations in the towns of Ludvika and Kungälv. The demonstrations were held under the...

Honouring a fallen hero, public activity and a spontaneous demonstration in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. On 14 April the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered in Stockholm for the organisation’s yearly remembrance ceremony in honour of Gösta Hallberg-Cuula on the...

Nordic Resistance Movement enters Copenhagen

EVENT. On Saturday April 6, the Nordic Resistance Movement held the largest National Socialist gathering in Copenhagen since the Second World War. Video and...

Julius Blomberg speaks at the Coin Square

EVENT. On 10 March Nordic Resistance Movement activist Julius Blomberg spoke against the evils of the opinion corridor at a public event on Stockholm’s Coin...

Video from the Day of Honour in Budapest

EVENT. Here is a video from the "Day of Honour" held in Budapest, in rememberance of the brave soldiers who battled their way through...
Pär Sjögren speaks against censorship and government persecution at public rally in Stockholm, Feb 2019video

Pär Sjögren speaks against censorship and government persecution

EVENT. On Sunday 3rd February Nest 5 Chief Pär Sjögren was invited to speak at a public event in Stockholm about the dangers of...

Camping at Vaskijärvi

CAMPING. Last Saturday activists and members from the Finnish branch gathered at Vaskijärvi national park to start a tough camping trip.  When the six activists and...

Nordic Resistance Movement attends memorial march in Bulgaria

EVENT. A delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement recently attended the annual memorial march for Hristo Lukov in Bulgaria.  On the 13th of February 1943,...

Social activities and ice bathing in Nest 8

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On Saturday, February 9th, the newly formed activist group 801 gathered for a full day of fellowship activities. Directives on clothing had...


Vera Oredsson - When the Flagpoles Bloomed

When the Flagpoles Bloomed review

REVIEW. What was life really like growing up in the Third Reich? Vera Oredsson’s childhood memoirs offer a very different version of history to...
Nordic Resistance Movement marchers on May Day 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden

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National Socialism in Practice

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