Swedish maypole at Midsummer

A Midsummer night’s dream

MIDSUMMER. Erik Nilsson writes about a magical Swedish Midsummer celebration with Resistance Movement comrades. In simplicity we find beauty. Somewhere in Sweden, where magical forests stretch...
Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

Street activism and physical tests – Day of action in Gothenburg

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last Saturday brought a full day of activism and training exercises for Resistance Movement members and activists in Gothenburg. Members and activists of...
Strawberry cream cake with flags served on Sweden's National Day

National Day celebrations around Sweden

NATIONAL DAY. Celebrations of Sweden’s National Day took place around the country on 6 June. As previously reported, there was a celebration with speeches by...
NRM Nest 5 National Day 2022 Simon Lindberg speech

A celebration of fellowship – National Day gathering in Sweden’s Nest 5

NATIONAL DAY. Nest 5 met in the summer sun to celebrate Sweden’s National Day in a spirit of fellowship on 6 June. On Sweden’s National...
Hiking trail, Värmland, Swedenvideo

Ancient monuments, railways and wildlife – Wilderness tour in Sweden’s Nest 5

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Resistance Movement members from Värmland paid a visit to Klarälven river and the surrounding countryside last weekend. Members and supporters from Nest 5...
Nest 3 NRM 20 April celebration tables and bust

20th of April celebration in Scania

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 3 celebrated fallen National Socialist martyrs and heroes at an internal activity. Activists and members in Nest 3 gathered to celebrate...
A campfire by a lake in Stockholm, Sweden

Outdoor monthly meeting in Stockholm

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 gathered at a nature reserve in the Stockholm area on the morning of 10 April...
Simon Lindberg gives a speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement 25th anniversary celebration

Long live the Nordic Resistance Movement – Celebrating 25 years of revolutionary struggle

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A select group of members and activists recently gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nordic Resistance Movement. On Saturday 2 April...
NRM Nest 6 hiking in Snöberget Nature Reserve, northern Sweden

Wilderness camping in Sweden’s Nest 6

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 6 held a wilderness camping trip featuring physical challenges and views of the northern lights. On Saturday 26 March members and...
NRM banner action, Stockholm

A full day of activities in Stockholm

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 1 held a full day of public and internal activities on Sunday, 13 February. The day began...


Team pulling together

There is no “right” time to join the struggle

IDEOLOGY. The Norwegian writer "Russleman" explains that the time to take your rightful place in the struggle is now, and not a moment later. It...
Nordic Resistance Movement marchers on May Day 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden

Fight and live forever!

National Socialist handshake

“My honour is loyalty”