NRM banner action, Stockholm

A full day of activities in Stockholm

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 1 held a full day of public and internal activities on Sunday, 13 February. The day began...
Lake Rämen, Dalarna, Swedenvideo

Updated with video: Photo report from wilderness camping trip in Dalarna

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Below follows a selection of photographs from the recent camping trip at Lake Rämen in Sweden's Nest 5.  Read the report from the...
Hiking across Lake Rämen, Dalarna, Sweden

Competitions, hiking and ice bathing – Camping at Lake Rämen

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 5 visited Lake Rämen in Dalarna last weekend to go hiking, camp and take part in wilderness competitions. On Saturday, 5...
NRM wilderness activity, Småland, Sweden

Tough forest hike in Sweden’s Nest 7

HIKING. Sweden’s Nest 7 went on a challenging hike through the Småland forest on Saturday, 15 January. Members gathered at a car park in the...
NRM Nest 2 Christmas dinner food

Yule dinner and folk community in Sweden’s Nest 2

YULE. Sweden’s Nest 2 recently enjoyed good food and good company at a Yule dinner celebration. On Saturday 27 November, members and supporters from Sweden’s...
Lake Dunkern woods

Monthly meeting, recruitment meeting and memorial ceremony in Sweden’s Nest 8

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 8 spent Saturday, 6 November conducting various outdoors activities. The sun welcomed the activists, members and aspiring members of Nest 8,...
Forest abseiling, Nest 7, Sweden

Abseiling training in Sweden’s Nest 7

TRAINING. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted abseiling training in the forest on Saturday, 23 October. The comrades travelled to the woods and headed for a cliff...
Hemsedal hiking, Norway, NRM flag

Monthly meeting and mountain hike in Hemsedal

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Norway's Nest 1 recently arranged their monthly meeting and a weekend of activities in Hemsedal. Norway's Nest 1 recently arranged their monthly meeting,...
Camping at Vithatten mountain, northern Sweden

Monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 6: Mountain climbing and ghost hunting

MEETING. On Saturday, 18 September, members and supporters went deep into the woods on the border between Norrbotten and Västerbotten to hold a monthly...
Restoration of an old barn in the Jämtland woods

Monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 4: Restoration and live music in the forest

MEETING. Members of Sweden’s Nest 4 recently went to the Jämtland forest to hold their monthly meeting and spend the night in an old...


Statue holding scales of justice

The National Socialist rule of law

IDEOLOGY. In this article, Sebastian Elofsson argues for the establishment of a state governed by a National Socialist rule of law. Order, freedom and justice....

What is fascism?

The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

Why do we fight?