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Confrontation with reds at Dan Park’s trial in Malmö


RESISTANCE NEWS. On the occasion of street artist Dan Park’s trial at Malmö’s court of appeals activists from Nest 3 seized the opportunity to chase off a bunch of local ANTIFA members.

On Tuesday the 2nd of April activists and members from Nest 3 visited Malmö’s court of appeals in order to show their support for popular street artist Dan Park who was being prosecuted for inciting racial hatred, i.e. a ”hate speech”. The national socialists were present at the hearings from 09.00 in the morning until 12.00 when the jury decided it was time for a lunch break.

The activists then left the court and headed towards their vehicles in order to get some lunch when they saw three reds with masks sitting on a bench a bit further down the court house, and it was the masks that revealed their identity. Their intentions were unknown and the activists suspected that they were planning to attack them. As soon as, however, the resistance men started walking towards the reds they immediately got up and hurried away and therefore the activists assumed that they were just planning to take pictures.

One of the national socialists documented their cowardly escape with his mobile phone. One of the reds, a racial foreigner, carried a weapon that looked like a plank with a nail through it but even though he was armed, the reds dared not turn around and fight the resistance men. After a while the reds were chased down, but the police quickly intervened and violently arrested the resistance men, three of them are now accused of threat and attempt to assault. Moreover, they were accused of actually carrying the plank with the spike on it even though it was a red who was armed with it which can clearly be seen in the video.

The police and the security guards in the court centre of Malmö said at first that they arrested the resistance men proactively, in order to prevent them from committing a crime, and the charges were raised subsequently.