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Danish Resistance Movement chief charged for spreading information about Jewish customs


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Danish national chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been charged for disseminating information about Jewish culture and customs.

Jacob Vullum, racism paragraph

Jacob Vullum has been charged for breaching section 266b and 266b paragraph 2, better known as the “racism paragraph”.

The 266b racism paragraph reads:

Whoever publicly, or with intent to distribute in a wider circle, presents a proclamation or some other message by which a group of persons is threatened, mocked or degraded because of its race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation, is to be punished with a fine or prison up to two years.

2) In determining the punishment, it shall be considered an aggravating factor if the act had characteristics of propaganda.

Jacob Vullum is accused of “spreading information about a pan-Nordic Yom Kippur campaign in 2020”.

The lobby group Intact Denmark – which works against the circumcision of children – is responsible for reporting Vullum to the police. Statements and articles available on their website indicate they are often accused of being racist and anti-Semitic by Muslims and Jews. The report therefore appears to be part of an attempt to prove to the world that these accusations are false.

Intact Denmark has also previously officially distanced itself from Nordfront and the Nordic Resistance Movement and announced it is “a multicultural association” whose membership includes “involuntarily circumcised Jews, Christians and Muslims”.

The charge reads as follows:

On 27 September, 2020, at 4.34 p.m., the accused derided, degraded and conducted propaganda activities against the Jewish community in Denmark – as National Chairman/Chief of the association Nordic Resistance Movement and the person responsible for the association’s website www.Nordfront.dk – by spreading or being responsible for spreading information about a pan-Nordic poster campaign in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, where Yom Kippur and the circumcision of boys is referred to in an unsubstantiated racially discriminatory post on the website. The post makes unsubstantiated claims that rabbis in Denmark flock to suck blood from the newly circumcised boy’s penis when performing Metzitzah b’peh, and that according to the Talmud – the Jews’ holiest text – it is permissible for Jews to have sex with children who are three years old, thereby accusing the Jewish community of paedophilia via these acts.

The Yom Kippur campaign and the reporting on it did not threaten, deride or degrade any group, which should be clear to anyone viewing the reports of the activism. Rather, the actions were conducted across the Nordic countries to inform and educate the Nordic people about existing Jewish customs that are practised by Jews around the world. These include both metzitzah b’peh (the sucking of blood from newly circumcised boys’ penises) and the content of the Jewish holy texts concerning paedophilia.

Jacob Vullum speaks at Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark
Jacob Vullum speaks in Copenhagen

Nordfront.dk has spoken to Jacob Vullum, who had the following to say about the charge:

In 2020 I was not the chief of the Danish branch, as stated in the indictment, so I find it difficult to see how I would be responsible for spreading information about the campaign, but regardless I do not think there is anything problematic with the Yom Kippur campaign itself. Posters were put up across all the Nordic countries with quotes from various rabbis, as well as conclusions that a grown man having a child’s penis in his mouth is paedophilia, regardless of whether it is part of tradition or not.

There are plenty of examples in old Jewish texts stating that intercourse and marriage with very young girls can occur without noteworthy punishment for the perpetrators. I find it strange that mention of and information about this culture and these customs should be illegal, while the texts and culture themselves are not. I intend to present documentation for everything that is written on the campaign posters to the court. The court must then decide if it is forbidden to disseminate knowledge of these facts.

No date has yet been set for the trial, but Nordfront.dk is following developments.