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Day of activism in Sweden’s Nest 5


ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 5 gathered for a day of activism in Smedjebacken on 20 March.

On Saturday, 20 March members and activists from Nest 5 met in Smedjebacken, Dalarna County.

The day began with a trip to an area outside of town to put up birdhouses. Certain bird species need hollow spaces to nest in, which are often hard to come by.

A birdbox on a tree in a Swedish forest

Naturally the group also took the opportunity to carry out a public-facing activity, with a banner action on a bridge just outside Smedjebacken.

Although the traffic was a little thin, the participants received a lot of positive feedback in the form of waves (most of them legal) and thumbs-up.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flags

A comical situation arose when two people in the same car reacted differently – one giving a thumbs-up and the other sticking up their finger.

After the banner action, the comrades also had time to hold a training session. This featured running and other disciplines from the activist test, including push-ups and sit-ups.

An activist tying his shoelaces before a workout