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Day of activism in Uddevalla


ACTIVISM. On 11th April, activists from Nest 2 held a day of activism in Uddevalla Municipality, southwest Sweden. The day consisted of a banner action and social activity.

“Stop the Population Replacement”

The day began with a banner action on the E6 motorway, where the activists stood on both sides of a bridge with flags and banners. It didn’t take long before the police arrived; however, they just asked their standard questions, and when they didn’t get any satisfactory answers, they left the area.

Lack of police resources in action

Apart from the police’s usual waste of resources, the activity was very successful and brought many thumbs-up and car horn beeps from passing drivers. After two hours, the group moved on to a comrade’s house in the nearby area.

When the activists arrived, an archery competition was awaiting them. Everyone was given three arrows, and whoever made the best shot got to take home a very nice prize.

Tommy Hvit from the NR Bohuslän podcast shows how to shoot

After the archery competition, the comrades enjoyed a communal lunch. The food consisted of grilled beef with homemade potato wedges and salad. The day continued into the small hours, with many enjoyable conversations in an atmosphere of true folk community.