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Defeatism – The enemy’s psychological weapon


IDEOLOGY. Karl Folkesson writes about how the enemy deliberately attempts to demoralise the nationalist movement via defeatism.

Rifle on ground

Defeatism, hopelessness, “being blackpilled”. This is a state of mind that has plagued individual soldiers and entire armies for all time.

In every war, the enemy has an interest in demoralising the other side’s soldiers in an attempt to make them lay down their arms and surrender, or give up before the battle has even begun.

It is a deliberate tactic, a type of psychological warfare.

An example of this is the attack on Marstrand in 1719, when the Dano-Norwegian general Peder Tordenskjold landed in Sweden with about 500-600 men. Via the cunning use of rumours and propaganda, Tordenskjold managed to trick the Swedes into believing that his army was ten times larger than it really was.

Colonel Henrich Danckwardt, who was the commander of Carlsten fortress, believed the propaganda and capitulated before the battle began. Danckwardt was later sentenced to death in Swedish military court because the fortress could have been defended.

A fabricated worldview

What makes a person defeatist? Defeatists may think they have made an objective analysis of the world around them, and consequently make the assessment that the struggle is hopeless.

“Look how many immigrants have come here. It’s over,” or “Swedes don’t understand anything. We’ll never be able to wake them up.”

But have these negative people really made an objective analysis of their surroundings, or is it a fabricated picture they see?

Today it is not uncommon for people to spend several hours a day browsing through feeds on Jewish-owned social media sites such as Facebook and consuming Jewish porn.

These people can get the impression that they are alone in their opinions, that everyone wants feminism, integration and decadent culture. They think that everyone else is race-mixing and kneeling for BLM.

But social media feeds do not reflect reality. These anti-White companies censor nationalist opinions while they aggressively promote Cultural Marxism.

Not only are people’s opinions and propaganda censored, but so is everything that is the least bit pro-White. This can be apolitical material, such as images of White families, or of traditional culture. The Jewish media does not want White people to see such things, because it creates the risk that they will identify with their own people.

Texts, images and videos whose purpose is to evoke optimism in White people are censored on all possible platforms.

Meanwhile, the enemy exercises repression against those who advocate for the Nordic people’s survival and freedom, both on social media and in real life. They try to scare people into silence via hit pieces in the media, by getting people fired or by reporting parents to social services.

Just as they have done throughout history, our enemies – who at present are the rulers of society – are trying to demoralise us. They do this via rumours, propaganda, threats and lies.

So if you ever find yourself in a bout of depression, take a step back and look at yourself from an outside perspective. Ask yourself, “Is the situation really hopeless, or have I been demoralised by the enemy’s propaganda?”

In a hundred cases out of a hundred, the correct answer will be the latter option.

Defeatists must remember that there is a narrow corridor of opinion, outside of which few dare to stand, but that there are many who are clenching their fists in their pockets.

Resistance is the only remedy

The enemy wants you to give up

Do not be a defeatist, because that is exactly what our enemies want you to be. A defeatist who does not believe in victory will not fight for it either.

The struggle is not hopeless as long as you do not give up. Because if we all give up, our people are doomed to perish. If, on the other hand, you fight, there is every possibility of change.

Do you really intend to be a coward who gives up on the existence of his people for the sake of his own personal convenience?

/ Karl Folkesson