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Der III. Weg march through Berlin


DER DRITTE WEG. Representatives from the Resistance Movement took part in a demonstration by Der III. Weg in Berlin on Saturday 3 October.

By Cedric Höglund

On 3 October the German organisation Der Dritte Weg held a demonstration in the capital city of Berlin.

On account of the close partnership between Der III. Weg and the Resistance Movement, a delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish and Danish branches travelled to the demonstration to participate and support their German comrades. Among them were Marcus Hansson and Fredrik Vejdeland, who later appeared on an episode of Radio Nordfront to recount their experiences. Sections of Fredrik’s English-language speech were also played on the show.

Most of the Resistance men stayed at the houses of German comrades during the trip and therefore accompanied them on the train into Berlin. Once at the gathering place, members of Der III. Weg erected a tent where they sold food, drink, clothes and propaganda. Because of the German government’s coronavirus restrictions, everyone had to wear some form of mask. Luckily, Der III. Weg had designed their own neck gaiters, which were on sale and were worn by the majority of attendees.

Der III. Weg’s splendid tent
An example of the face coverings that were sold

After a while, more participants arrived, among them young men, women and older attendees, clothed in Der Dritte Weg’s hoodies and T-shirts, but also in traditional German national costume.

Shortly thereafter, the participants started to hear the blaring sound of decadent left-wing music coming from the other side of the tower block adjacent to the gathering place, along with other noise from the anti-German Left.

Some counter-demonstrators who had arrived by train were forced to pass by the nationalist gathering place. For unknown reasons, some of the degenerate reds decided to sit down when they were passing us. Shockingly enough, this wasn’t something the German police accepted, so after a minor altercation the police had to forcibly (although sadly not too forcibly) move the left-wing extremists away from the area. Videos from the incident can be seen on Nordfront’s live report from the event.

A little before the march, Julian Bender informed everyone about the rules for the event. Some Germans, including Matthias Fisher, then gave speeches; after which it wasn’t long before a loud drumbeat started up and the marchers took up their positions. At the head of the march, a banner was held aloft that read “Ein Volk Will Zukunft” (The People Want a Future), and just behind it were two large banners with the messages “Berlin” and “Erwache” (Berlin, Awake!).

Berlin, Awake!

The march began to move in step with the beat of the drum, and from the city’s high-rises Berliners hung out of the windows to photograph and film the big event.

In the middle of the procession, a car was driven that would later serve as the platform for the day’s speeches. Der Dritte Weg’s slogans were broadcast through the car’s loudspeaker throughout the march.

Free, Social, Radical!

I and some other journalists then saw that the counter-demonstrators had sat down to form a blockade farther down the road. Unlike before, when the counter-demonstrators did the same thing, the police took no action (or let the revolutionary nationalists do something about it themselves).

The police carry away one of the left-wing extremists that blocked the marching route

It was also speculated that the police had planned this in advance and let the demonstrators block the way in order to change the marching route. Der Dritte Weg’s leaders may have been dissatisfied with this change, but it had little impact on the rest of the demonstrators’ high spirits. Instead it was decided to temporarily stop and hold some of the speeches in situ.

Matthias Fisher informs people about the situation

The location where the march stopped was almost completely surrounded by high-rise buildings filled with hundreds of regular Germans. This meant the local people could listen to the speeches from their balconies and acquaint themselves with the messages being conveyed. The majority of counter-demonstrators could also partake of the speeches, which were clearly audible from the loudspeakers despite the left-wing extremists’ noise. The first speaker was the Nordic Resistance Movement’s very own National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland, who began his speech by talking about how proud he is to have German blood flowing through his veins.

Excerpt from the speech:

It was Der Dritte Weg and only Der Dritte Weg that changed my opinion on the German movement and made me look upon the German movement with optimism and hope once again.

We are therefore honoured to have Der Dritte Weg as our comrades. It is of immense importance that we – as well as the likes of us who choose the path of struggle – cooperate. We must make the nationalist movements around the world accept our way, because neither our peoples nor our race will survive without it. There are no shortcuts.

Our enemy is cooperating across national boundaries, and so must we. Because if one people revolts while the rest of Europe does not, it would be very easy for NATO to send in their troops to suppress this uprising. But if ten nations revolt at the same time, or are in the process of revolting, they will never be able to stop us.

After Fredrik and some other Germans had spoken, the march continued in another direction. It didn’t take long before the police were forced to carry away more left-wing extremists who sat in the path of the procession. The quality of these counter-demonstrators was not the best. One of them lay down and played dead after the police had moved him, before staggering around disorientated and running away.

The march continued, with large groups of police running ahead of the procession. Some minor confrontations occurred between nationalists, left-wing extremists and the police, all while Der Dritte Weg’s messages echoed through the streets of Berlin.

After the marchers returned to the gathering place, more speeches were held. One of them was given by the lawyer Wolfram Narath, who spoke about how globalists and capitalists want to sow discord between brother nations, and how we must counteract this.

Julian Bender gives a speech

The Resistance Movement’s activists were all very happy with the weekend. Despite it being a long journey for some attendees, it was definitely worth it. The march was very successful and, according to some, one of the year’s absolute highpoints. The Germans’ hospitality and generosity are two of the many great characteristics of the German people that the Resistance men got to experience.

It has long been known that Berlin is a city full of revolutionaries who – under good, sound leadership – can achieve great things.

As in Sweden, the leadership in Germany and Berlin is corrupt and hostile to the people. But despite this, Der Dritte Weg’s demonstration was a memorable and successful day when Germany’s revolutionary nationalists wrote history once again.

Because of (or perhaps thanks to) the enormous police presence, counter-demonstrators and choice of location, the media attention was huge, which meant that large sections of the German people became aware of whom they must turn to on the day they decide to take back their fatherland.

The Resistance Movement’s activists are looking forward to future journeys to Germany and other nations to strengthen our peoples’ bonds and take back Europe together.

More photos from the event can be seen on Nordfront.se.

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