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Double activities in Eastern Norway


ACTIVISM. Norway’s Nest 1 conduct a double propaganda offensive in Eastern Norway.

Activists and members from Nest 1 in Norway recently held dual activities in Halden and Fredrikstad.

The comrades first visited the area around Torsvik in Fredrikstad, where they delivered a large number of leaflets informing people that Frihetskamp.net is the place to visit for uncensored news. Posters were also put up in the area.

Afterwards the Resistance men visited the area around Tistedal in Halden, where they put up posters and stickers. The police showed up during the activity after some opponents were offended by our message. After a short conversation, the action continued in the direction of Fredriksten fortress, where an LED banner with the text “Frihetskamp.net” was hung up, illuminating the night sky above Halden. The police turned up again and complained that the banner was now being used at the fortress.

When the activity at the fortress had ended, the activists continued to Rødsfjellet hill and put up the LED banner at another elevated location where it once again shone brightly over Halden. The successful activity was then concluded.

Photos from the activities: