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Double public rallies in Eskilstuna and Västerås


ACTIVISM. Nest 1 and Nest 8 held joint public rallies with speeches and leaflet distributions in Eskilstuna and Västerås on 14 September. The activities drew positive responses from local people in both cities.

On Saturday 14 September, the Nordic Resistance Movement held public rallies in Eskilstuna and Västerås, which are both in Nest 8. The day began with enthusiastic activists and members from Nest 1 and 8 gathering in a sunny Eskilstuna and walking to Fristad Square to meet the public with a banner, flags, leaflets and a speech by Jimmy Thunlind.

The theme for the day’s activism was the threat to our freedom of speech. This subject was expounded upon in both the speech and the leaflets, as well as in the many discussions that arose on the square. The atmosphere was generally very good. The leaflets were in great demand, and the reception from the public was positive.

After about an hour and a half there was a minor incident when a racial alien with a failing state of mental health became aggressive, screamed, gesticulated and attempted to strike the camera from the hands of our photographer. He was firmly reprimanded and eventually skulked away from the scene.

A dispute.

Immediately afterwards, a number of police cars turned up on the square but remained passive. The comrades calmly continued with their activity for another hour as planned.

Next the group made their way towards Västerås, where they parked just outside the city centre and walked together to the central pedestrianised area. Here they were met by considerably more people and a higher tempo than in Eskilstuna.

Public rally in Västerås.

As such there were more discussions, more distributed leaflets, more people who heard the speech and saw our symbols, and more who received our message. Many locals were keen to talk about all the problems multiculturalism creates in the city, and they thanked us for being there.

Jimmy Thunlind holds a fiery speech.

Not everyone who walked past was as enthusiastic about the organisation’s presence, but the overwhelming majority of people the activists spoke with were either directly positive or at least curious and keen to know more.

When four police cars showed up after an hour, a number of passers-by made comments along the lines of: “So now they have the resources. Where are they when we’re victims of crime?” Surprisingly, the police remained passive like in Eskilstuna, and the activity was completed as intended.

Police in Västerås.

One of the Resistance men summed up the day to Nordfront with the following words:

“During the walk back to our cars, we agreed that the day was very successful. We felt we served the needs of many of our countrymen by allowing them to speak their minds about things which are often too sensitive to discuss in their daily lives. We felt that those of us who campaigned together today form a strong group with great fighting spirit and comradeship. We thank our honourable kinsmen in Eskilstuna and Västerås for all the rewarding discussions.”

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Västerås