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Election campaign begins in Munkedal


ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered for public leaflet distributions in Munkedal and Uddevalla on Saturday 9 April.

NRM leafleting, Munkedal, Sweden

The comrades’ first stop for the day – and the beginning of the year’s election campaign – was in Munkedal, Västra Götaland County. The Nordic Resistance Movement will be standing in the upcoming election in the municipality with two representatives. The candidates are the organisation veteran and National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland, and Samuel Johansson, one of Nest 2’s many esteemed activists.

NRM leafleting, Munkedal, Sweden

The Resistance men encouraged the people of Munkedal to abandon their trust in the traitors from the regular eight political parties and instead make a revolutionary choice by joining and voting for the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The activists took up positions outside the Ica Munkedalshallen grocery store. Several visiting customers showed their appreciation for the activists’ presence with pats on the back and positive comments. The leaflets were quickly accepted, while pleasant conversations took place with supporters.

NRM leafleting, Munkedal, Sweden

When just over an hour had passed and the customers at the store had begun to thin out, the comrades packed up and went on to Torp Shopping Centre in Uddevalla.

NRM leafleting, Uddevalla, Sweden

Upon arrival, the activists stood outside the City Gross supermarket. The Resistance men received a similarly positive response here from passers-by, apart from one strange individual, who shrieked some random words of abuse before scurrying off.

After many leaflets had been distributed, the comrades felt satisfied with the activity and concluded the day with a shared meal.