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Election in Vetlanda: Interview with Noora Isojärvi


INTERVIEW. An interview with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s second candidate in Vetlanda, Noora Isojärvi.

Hampus Maijala, Noora Isojärvi, Nordic Resistance Movement

Hi, Noora! Can you tell the readers a bit about who you are?

My name is Noora Isojärvi, and I am a 32-year-old mother of two, a trained assistant nurse and, of course, a National Socialist. You could say I’m working at home at the moment, as I’m home with the children and have been so for almost three years. Within the Nest, I have an organiser role, which means I manage internal events in the Nest. I have helped organise everything from monthly meetings to large events like Nordic Days. People in Sweden who have been around a while might recognise me from the podcast Radio Regeringen, where I did a lot of live radio together with Elin Reinhardt.

Noora Isojärvi, Nordic Resistance Movement
Noora (right) prepares food at an internal event

How did you find National Socialism and how did you get into the movement?

I have always believed that the current system needs to change and that the globalist capitalism that basically permeates everything is destructive to the people. “Follow the money” is a concept I understood relatively early, as well as the fact that some people seemed to have way more than others. When I was younger, I probably did not reflect much on who these people actually were and what they had in common. It was more of an observation that certain people seemed to own everything.

I was quite into communism as an ideology, because it at least contained the idea that everyone should have an equal share. It seemed fair that everyone should get a piece of the cake, and not just some people. But time passed and things changed quite a lot for me, and through this I got to know new people with different opinions and ideas. Because I was open and listened, I managed to gain an understanding of the kind of thinking that exists within the “extreme right”. When that door opened, it was clear and simple, but also rather scary at first, to realise that you were a “terrible Nazi”.

Unfortunately, you have to get past a lot of sick ideas and thoughts about what a National Socialist is, and at first it is quite a lot of work to change your way of thinking. I, too, had been fed the Hollywood version of what a Nazi was: the most wicked and evil thing ever to walk the earth. I did a lot of reading and had many discussions, and came to the belief that National Socialism was definitely not what I had first thought it was. Then I finally understood that National Socialism was the solution to the problems we have.

After thinking really carefully – as you don’t join a resistance movement without thinking really hard – I sent in my application, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Noora Isojärvi, Nordic Resistance MovementWhat are your core issues in the election?

The core issues I’m passionate about are those related to family politics and the economy; in other words, supporting families and entrepreneurs. I want people who become parents to have things as good as possible, because that is extremely important in family formation. Supporting enterprising individuals is also very important, as knowledgeable and industrious people are worth more than gold.

Of course, matters relating to nursing and healthcare are also important to me, as I am an assistant nurse by profession, and I have a talent for making sure people are well looked after when they need to be. There are many healthcare bodies within the municipality that are managed by the municipality itself, and these ought to be managed correctly. I have worked in several different fields, so I know how things should look and function when high-quality care is provided.

Noora Isojärvi, Nordic Resistance Movement

What are the best things about the Nordic Resistance Movement?

Having the chance to do what’s right. Knowing and feeling you are doing the right thing by contributing to the struggle. That gives me peace of mind. Then there’s meeting all the absolutely wonderful people. I get so inspired, impressed and excited when meeting comrades. Going to our events is very invigorating and recharges me with new energy every time.

I also have to mention something else that has been very nice, which is how I have developed since joining the organisation. It gives you all the opportunities to bring out the best version of yourself.

What will you do if you are elected to the municipal council?

Celebrate the fact that the people of Vetlanda have listened to reason, and then book the third Wednesday off every month to go to the council meetings!

Hampus Maijala, Noora Isojärvi, Nordic Resistance Movement

Do you have any interests or hobbies?

Yes, a lot. Home and household matters, the gym, plants, crafts, philosophy, psychology and more.

What’s your favourite dish?

Spaghetti bolognese.

Do you have a role model?

No one specifically, but there are many role models in the Resistance Movement!