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European comrades: It’s time to join the Resistance


ACTIVISM. Nordfront’s news editor, Simon Holmqvist, explains why non-Nords should support the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Today the Nordic Resistance Movement has more members than ever before. We have representation in all the Nordic countries, with official branches in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, as well as members in Iceland who will hopefully start their own official branch in the near future.

We have members from all walks of life. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor. There are workers, students, pensioners, academics, police, emergency services personnel and the unemployed. There are those who went to university and those who left school at 16, there are intellectuals and manual workers, there are introverts and extroverts.

There are also both Nordics and immigrants.

“Immigrants?” you might ask. “Surely the Nordic Resistance Movement doesn’t have racial foreigners in its ranks?”

Well, no. But it’s true that there have always been Europeans of non-Nordic origin living in our nations, even though there has historically been relatively little migration between these lands and others in Europe – a fact that has helped the Nordic region retain its ethnic homogeneity.

Since the Second Wold War, however, Sweden has experienced waves of mostly economic immigration from some European countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and the former Yugoslavia, increasing the numbers of non-Nordic Europeans resident in the Nordic nations to record levels. Although far preferable to current immigration trends, such influxes were not completely unproblematic and with hindsight could be viewed as the first step towards globalisation, preparing us for the opening of the borders to a mass Third World invasion.

Regardless, we look upon our fellow Europeans as our brothers, and we are happy to accept them into the National Community, not least because of their ability to readily assimilate into Nordic society. This policy is covered in the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political programme, Our Path, which details how the future liberated Nordic Nation will allow the vast majority of Europeans living here today to remain:

“Those who will be allowed to stay in the Nordic countries are, among others, all northern European ethnicities, a large portion of the central and eastern European ethnicities, parts of the southern European ethnicities and people with a northern European ethnic ancestry currently residing in other parts of the world. In other words, we mean that a majority of the indigenous people from the so-called Western world would be permitted to stay in the Nordic countries with full citizen rights, regardless of when they came into the country.”

Of course the reason that such groups do not threaten our existence is due to the fact that they are so genetically similar to us, meaning any possible mixing would have minimal effects. Living side by side with such racial kinsmen is also in complete harmony with the laws of nature. After all, the Nordic Resistance Movement is driven by a love for our race, with the desire to secure its continued existence, not of suspicion or hatred of everything foreign.

Furthermore, there are plenty of nationalist-minded people among European immigrant groups who agree with many of the Resistance Movement’s National Socialist policies.

Eastern Europeans, for example, still remember the Jewish Bolshevik terror, whose spectre has helped ignite a revolutionary nationalist reawakening in many countries. Likewise it’s apparent that southern European fascism was never truly wiped out, a fact evinced by the continued existence of nationalist and anti-communist groups that developed between the wars – an unbroken tradition that is largely absent in northern and Western Europe.

In Eastern Europe the memory of the Jewish Bolshevik terror still remains, and has helped create a kind of revolutionary nationalist reawakening in many countries. Photo from a Jobbik demonstration in Hungary.

As for our most closely related kinsmen, the Germans, WWII still lives fresh in the memory. Older generations saw firsthand how the unholy alliance of the communist Soviets and the capitalist Western powers terror-bombed, raped, desecrated and degraded everything in their way to achieve world domination and crush all opposition to the globalist world order.

These shared bonds ensure there is much potential support for the Nordic Resistance Movement among non-Nordic Europeans and their descendants, as well as those of European descent around the world. Put simply, if you are a racial kinsman, our struggle affects you too, and it is with us that you belong.

The good news is that many have joined us already. I have gotten to know comrades from various European countries who are just as convinced about our cause as anyone in the organisation. I can also say that I’ve had support from a lot of non-Europeans who wholeheartedly support the Nordic Resistance Movement and have bought economic supporter memberships and even turn up at our open demonstrations. This causes a great deal of irritation to our opposition, who claim it as hypocrisy on our part. The truth, however, is that their anger is due to a misunderstanding of National Socialism and a feeling of betrayal that we have support from groups over which they’re used to having a monopoly.

But the purpose of this article is to appeal to European immigrants who can become full members of the Resistance Movement. Unfortunately, many such potential recruits have chosen to deal with the current multicultural nightmare by hiding away in their own cultural enclaves, dreaming of their homelands and looking at modern Sweden with disgust.

That’s understandable, of course. I also look at modern-day Sweden with disgust. I feel no loyalty to the blue-and-yellow flag and I’m ashamed of my people’s behaviour.

Hamlet once said, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Well, in Sweden things aren’t just rotten; they’re completely putrefied. When it comes to multiculturalism, Cultural Marxism, censorship and general insanity, we’ve been the ones leading the lemmings off the cliff. Our heads of state are so contemptible and inept that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But all of this is no excuse to stand by and do nothing. Quite the opposite.

Your home countries still exist, and of course you should not forget them. But you have chosen to live here and not return to your homelands, which are either idealised or have problems that are used as an excuse not to fight for the North’s cause. Europe belongs together, not via social constructs like the globalist European Union but through our bond of blood, history, land and culture. The struggle you wage here will reverberate in your homelands, just as the fight in your homelands affects the situation in the Nordics – and the best thing you can do is support the opposition where you are now. The Nordic Resistance Movement has emerged as the only organisation capable of liberating the North. If you, like us, stand for what is good and just, it’s time to stop dreaming and start acting.

The Nordic Resistance Movement have shown Europe that the only way to go is forwards.

Many of you have skills, knowledge and experience that we need, and many of you would find meaning in your lives and sleep better at night if you joined the struggle. Nowhere in Europe, with the possible exception of Greece, has a real resistance movement come as far as in the Nordics, and nowhere are the prospects for a radically different future brighter than in the country you have chosen to call your home. But we will only make progress if every man and woman of good character steps forward and takes up the Tyr rune flag in the fight against the evil that threatens to destroy everything good in our world.

European brothers and sisters, it is time to fight back. Join the Nordic Resistance Movement today!