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Exhortation: Do your part on May 1


In the latest episode of Leadership Perspective, which came out yesterday, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, encouraged all listeners around the world to celebrate the workers’ holiday on May 1 by pursuing nationalist activism of some kind.

By fighting for your race, by fighting for National Socialism – you are truly fighting for the workers’ rights. There are no better ways to celebrate the workers than to fight for them. If everyone does their part – then in the future we can party and celebrate the 1st of May together on the grave of this treacherous system!”

Simon Lindberg in Leadership Perspective #14

The program provides examples such as handing out flyers that encourage people to fight back against the system, putting up banners with this website’s address, nordicresistancemovement.org, baking a cake for all white workers at the factory in your area, spamming all forums and social media on the whole network with National Socialist messages or to simply take the day to find out which is the best National Socialist organization where you live and submit an application to it.

Nordic Resistance Movement march in Falun, Sweden
The Nordic Resistance Movement celebrates May 1 with a demonstration in the city of Falun in 2017

Everyone is then encouraged to send an email to [email protected] and tell us exactly what you did that day. The best contributions will be highlighted on this site and in the next section of the Leadership Perspective. If you want good pictures to print or spread online, there are a lot of suggestions if you click on this link.

The Nordic Resistance Movement wishes everyone a fantastic labor day in advance and good luck with your struggle!