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Family day in Alingsås


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members of Nest 2 enjoyed a welcome break from regular activist work on 18 May when they met for a family day featuring a game of brännboll and a barbecue.

Nest 2 enjoy a family day of activities in Alingsås

After the dads had boasted about their children’s talents and strength, it was time to decide matters with a match of brännboll, a game similar to rounders and baseball.

Unsurprisingly it was Team 2, featuring yours truly, that was victorious after two hard-fought periods ending 49 to 66. After the match, the pushchairs were gathered together and everyone enjoyed a beautiful walk along the shore of lake Mjörn to one of the municipality’s barbecue sites.

It was striking just how nice things were in the reasonably homogenous locality of Alingsås. The barbecue area was tidy and clean when we arrived, and charcoal and wood were available for grilling – something completely unthinkable just 25 miles away in the Angered suburb of Gothenburg, or “Los Angered” as it’s known.

Nest 2 enjoy a family day of activities in Alingsås

When everyone had eaten, the judge announced the result of the brännboll match, and the winners chose prises donated by the Midgård web store. A big thank you for that!

It was then time for the day’s least enviable task, the walk back to the cars, where everyone said their goodbyes until next time.