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February monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 2


MEETING. Nest 2’s February monthly meeting was a day filled with interesting lectures and training courses.

Nest 2 NRM meeting speakers
Mattias Sigvardsson and Fredrik Vejdeland

On Saturday, 6 February, it was time for the latest monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 2. During the meeting, Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson reported on new directives from the National Council, details of the previous month and plans for the coming month.

Some activities from last month stood out in particular, including the laser action in Gothenburg on “Holocaust Memorial Day”, and the first leg of the wilderness journey along the Bohusleden trail, which Nest 2 will walk throughout the year.

After the monthly meeting was over, it was time for the lectures. First up was none other than National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland, who spoke about how to write articles, especially activism reports. Vejdeland discussed common mistakes people make when writing, how to avoid them, and better alternatives. The attendees reported that the lecture was very interesting and instructive.

A hearty lunch consisting of goulash and suitable accompaniments was then served before the next presentation, with all the comrades eating their fill.

Nest 2 NRM meeting goulash

The second presentation was held by Martin Engelin and dealt with how to take good photographs, including the technical function of an interchangeable lens camera.

The technical aspects were first reviewed, with various examples being given of how significantly better images can be obtained with the help of lighting and certain angles.

Martin Engelin speaks about photography at Nest 2 NRM meeting

Next, the course switched over to a practical exercise. Everyone was divided into groups and given the task of taking different types of photos together, with an emphasis on colour correction and the golden ratio.

The participants had 20 minutes to solve these tasks before the results were judged by Engelin, who named Group 3 as the winner of the competition.

Nest 2 NRM meeting photo class
The photo that won the competition!