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Field day with abseiling in Sweden’s Nest 7


TRAINING. Sweden’s Nest 7 were out in the Småland highlands for a field day consisting of various activities on Saturday, 24 April.

Abseiling in Småland, Sweden

The first activity of the day was abseiling practice. The group went to a quarry, fastened a rope to a strong tree, and then took turns descending a cliff with the help of abseiling equipment.

Abseiling in Småland, Sweden

Abseiling in Småland, Sweden
Some of the comrades chose to abseil face-first

On one of the cliffs, the participants had to abseil down into an inflatable boat, if they didn’t want to go for a swim.

Abseiling in Småland, Sweden

After the abseiling was over, the participants joined the other members, who had set up a campsite, and grilled sausages together.

The day’s second exercise was to try to make a fire with just wood and a piece of string. The participant had to create friction by spinning a wooden stick against a piece of wood using the string.

Camping in Småland, SwedenCamping in Småland, Sweden