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Flag replacement in Linköping


ACTIVISM. Flags symbolising the destruction of our people were nullified and replaced in Linköping, Sweden, on 28 May.

Burning EU flag

We are currently at the transitional stage between spring and summer – the time of fire. Before the season of growth, the old and the dead must give way to new life. As such, three EU flags and a multicoloured flag of decadence were confiscated by autonomous National Socialists on Friday and presented to Resistance Movement activists – all four flags were then consumed by fire.

Burning EU flag
Four anti-White flags burn

Flag replacement instead of population replacement

The autonomous National Socialists also reported that the three confiscated flags representing the genocide of Europeans were replaced with a Tyr rune flag – the symbol of the Nordic people’s liberation. The flag was hoisted slowly and with dignity, and was seen waving proudly in the wind above the town square.

Tyr rune flag in front of Scandinavian flags
The Tyr rune flag

While the EU flags were being taken down, the autonomous National Socialists were greeted with applause, thumbs-up and happy shouts from two passers-by who appreciated the action and said they wanted to do the same thing – but that they didn’t have the courage required.

When the flag of shame was taken down, an angry woman with multicoloured hair attempted to stop it, only to be reprimanded and then skulk away from the scene muttering.

The four rags were then presented to activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement, who took them to the burning site. After the rags with the divisive symbols had been duly desecrated, they were set alight and consumed by the flames. Soon the anti-White flags were no more than a small pile of ashes.