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Flash demonstration and speech at Sandvad Asylum Centre


ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement activists held a flash demonstration and speech in front of Sandvad Asylum Centre, Denmark, which houses racially alien murderers and sex offenders.

On 9 April, Nordic Resistance Movement activists revisited the village of Sandvad in Southern Denmark, where the Red Cross houses rejected criminal asylum seekers.

Tensions have been high in the village for a long time, after it was revealed its asylum centre – Specialcenter Sandvad – would be populated by criminal racial aliens convicted of murder and sex offences. The local population felt especially betrayed by the secrecy exhibited by the Red Cross, after its regional leader, Tina Lundgaard, had reassured the public the centre would be home to refugees with “special needs”, not criminal racial foreigners.

Since then, a citizens’ meeting was held in the village, which was attended by the Danish Immigration Service, the Red Cross, Vejle Municipality and liberal Marxist politicians. At the meeting, the Vice Director of the Immigration Service, Grith Poulsen, was asked if he could guarantee that no criminals or sex offenders would come to Sandvad, but he said he could give no such guarantee.

A legal assessment was conducted by a law firm, which confirmed that the composition of residents at Specialcenter Sandvad did not correspond with the rental agreement between the Immigration Service and Vejle Municipality, revealing that the entire local community had been betrayed.

Frustrated local residents have protested against the settlement of racially foreign murderers and sex offenders in the village, but the Integration Minister, Mathias Tesfaye, has refused to meet with them.

The Nordic Resistance Movement visited Sandvad and four neighbouring towns in March with informational material. This time they held a flash demonstration with a speech outside Sandvad Asylum Centre.

NRM Sandvad Asylum Centre speech, Denmark

Transcript of the speech:

The citizens of Sandvad were misled and deceived when the diseased Marxist System, in collaboration with the Red Cross, tried to sneak in rejected criminal asylum seekers through the back door, under the pretext that they were victims with disabilities.

The citizens of Sandvad, like the rest of the people in Denmark, are victims of the System’s total neglect of the security and welfare of the people.

Citizens in Sandvad have protested and demonstrated; they have adapted their way of living and bought surveillance equipment with their own money, while being treated as a threat to the employees of the asylum centre, which has hired guards to protect the centre – while the people of Sandvad must endure insecurity.

We say: The asylum centre should not be protected – The people should be protected!

The White Danish people should be protected against racial aliens in our society, and protected against the hostile political system, which shows contempt for the biological entity of the people every day, as it works for mass immigration and integration of racial aliens in a never-ending stream towards total population replacement.

We White Danes – with our White culture, born from a White mentality and understanding, stemming from our innate White moral values – are facing total replacement and extermination, becoming second-class citizens on the path to our destruction in our own country, if we do not fight back and demand the foreigners out of our country and the responsible politicians held accountable.

The rejected racial aliens, murderers and sex offenders must go back where they came from. All racial aliens in Denmark and the Nordic countries must go back where they came from.

Keep Denmark White – Racial aliens out!

Denmark in 2022 is subject to an anti-White agenda, under which we must tolerate violent racial aliens, immigrant rapes, no-go zones in racially alien areas, foreign drug trafficking to our youth, and soon entire city centres taken over by racially foreign shops. And our politicians let it happen.

While Denmark quickly becomes darker and darker, and Danish politicians climb the greasy pole and carry out the international errands of the globalists, we are inundated with anti-White propaganda in our own living rooms as soon as we watch a film, listen to the radio or see an advertisement. Exposure to a multitude of black and brown faces on the TV and in advertisements is an attempt to normalise racial aliens, so YOU get used to the sight and do not protest when you realise you will soon be outnumbered in your own country.

Keep Denmark White – Racial aliens out!