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Free Rob Rundo – Banner actions in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 held actions outside the US and Romanian embassies in Stockholm on Thursday to show support for the imprisoned American nationalist Rob Rundo.

Nordic Resistance Movement Rob Rundo banner action, Stockholm
“Break the Chains of Democracy – Free Rob Rundo”

Activists and members from Nest 1 held protest actions against the USA and its vassal state of Romania following the arrest of the nationalist Rob Rundo on dubious grounds.

Several banners were put up around Stockholm early in the morning with the message “Break the Chains of Democracy – Free Rob Rundo”. In the afternoon, a group of members and activists went to Djurgården, where the US embassy is located, and took up positions with a similar banner outside. The US embassy stands opposite the Turkish embassy, where Nest 1 recently held a free speech protest action against President Erdogan. This may have been why the police already had a car waiting there when the comrades lined up, with another arriving during the activity. Sweden’s Nato accession is high on the agenda for the traitors in parliament.

Nordic Resistance Movement Rob Rundo banner action, Stockholm

With the banner unfurled in front of the embassy, an activist began a speech, which was given in English due to the international character of the incident. The speech addressed the absurdity of Rob Rundo being arrested for “conspiring against the state” by “recruiting and training members for acts of violence”, when in reality he ran martial arts clubs and held training sessions and competitions to empower White youths in an increasingly degenerate USA and keep them away from drugs and other destructive influences.

As the speech concluded, a police van drove up and parked right beside the banner. Police officers emerged and, like always, asked their questions about what was happening. “Yes, you’re allowed to do that,” the senior officer exclaimed, before immediately leaving the vicinity, only to return a few minutes later and park by the embassy steps, where he remained for the rest of the activity.

When the action was over, everyone went back to their cars to head to the next destination: the Romanian embassy.

Nordic Resistance Movement Rob Rundo banner action, Stockholm

This location was more sparsely populated, and the activists couldn’t even see a guard inside the embassy building. Here, too, they stood with a banner and held a similar, but not identical, speech.

The democratic system has once again shown its true face and deprived yet another nationalist of their liberty in an attempt to stifle the only true opposition, as they realise that nationalists and National Socialists are the biggest threat to their rotten system.


Hail Rob Rundo! Hail the Resistance!

After staying at the location for while, the activity concluded and everyone was thanked for their participation, before the comrades parted ways.

During the day, a public banner action on the same theme was also held in Borlänge, with other activities demanding Rob Rundo’s release taking place around the North.

Nordic Resistance Movement Rob Rundo banner action, Stockholm

The time of the liberal democratic system is over, which the power-holders themselves know all too well. This is why they desperately grasp at straws when they see healthy forces growing stronger. By using Orwellian prosecutions, they attempt to imprison everyone who can challenge their power. Join the resistance in your nation and do everything you can to destroy this system – for a better future for your children and grandchildren!