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Germany Calling: Der III. Weg open new office in Siegen


DER DRITTE WEG. Our German comrades in Der III. Weg report on the opening of their new party office in the city of Siegen.

In continuation of our article series “Germany Calling”, we are proud to publish this latest report from our comrades in Germany’s leading revolutionary movement, Der III. Weg.

As part of our hard work to expand our structures across the whole country, Der III. Weg opened a new office in the city of Siegen two months ago. Siegen is located in Western Germany, where the cities have a high percentage of migrants. Der III. Weg now offers a place for Germans who want to remain German.

The office in Siegen was opened in July 2020.

Inside the office, Germans find a place to talk about their problems and what they expect from politics. Other political parties; i.e., those who ruined the country during recent years, are only on the streets and listening to the people if there are elections. Der III. Weg works 365 days a year, and this is the difference. In Siegen, an area where the number of poor people is shockingly high, we offer free clothes to those who don’t have enough money. In addition, there are social activities in the office, such as a collection for animal shelters. Der III. Weg helps out where the state fails. But it’s not just social activities that take place here; lectures and activities for nationalists also have a home in the office. In recent weeks these events have included a law lecture about nationalist activities, which was held by a nationalist lawyer. Lectures and schoolings like these are a regular part of the work of Der III. Weg.

Germans can get warm clothes for free in Siegen.

Unsurprisingly, the determined work of those in Der III. Weg causes reactions. At first, left-wing extremists started demonstrations against the office, with support from the established political parties. Antifa terrorists had to come to Siegen from many cities across Germany because regular people didn’t join the protest. Many people who live in the area around the office gave their support to our comrades and told them they are on the right path. This is something the left-wing extremists can’t stand.

An Antifa demonstration against the new office.

That’s why they started to attack the office. At first they threw eggs at the building and at posters. Later they used large stones to break windows. This shows that Der III. Weg is on the right path to work for a better Germany. When left-wing extremists attack the office, members from the movement clean everything up and hold a demonstration to inform the people about this kind of terrorism. The more attacks that happen, the more solidarity Der III. Weg receives from the people in Siegen – and of course our members are prepared for these kinds of situations. So in conclusion, we can confidently say that it was the right decision to open the office.

Left-wing extremists attacked the office in Siegen.