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Germany calling: Police raids against Reichsbürger based on a giant hoax


GERMANY CALLING. Our German correspondent reports on the recent arrests of Reichsbürger movement members and the ensuing media hysteria.

Flag of the German Empire

A big fuss was created by the press in Germany in response to police raids against the so-called Reichsbürger group. Big media and the politicians pretend that these people – who deny their citizenship in the Federal Republic of Germany and declare themselves to be citizens of the Reich – are a danger to the persistence of the BRD. Ignoring the fact that most of the so-called Reichsbürger movement are peculiar people in their later years, literally unable to make an open revolt against the system, the media created a big hoax for their audience to keep the legend of the “danger from the right” alive.

Many people believe that members of Reichsbürger are the same people as radical national activists, but in nearly all cases they are just troublemakers who refuse to pay taxes, or narcissistic dreamers who declare their property as their own kingdom, just to feign their supposed independence from the state. Some of them believe themselves to be the legal successors of past Prussian rulers and the legal administrators of the Reich.

One of their number is Heinrich XIII Prince Reuß, a 71-year-old man with aristocratic roots, who was arrested during the police raids. He is accused of heading a supposed conspiracy against the state, with the aim of violently overthrowing the government. Twenty-four further Reichsbürger members were arrested alongside him, and in total 54 people stand accused of being members of a terrorist organisation. More than 3,000 policemen were called into action to search through 150 buildings. It was literally one of the biggest police operations in the history of the Federal Republic. But the “terrorists” were not Islamic hate preachers, Antifa thugs or criminal Arab clans who don’t give a damn about German laws, but rather just a group of cosplayers, astrology fans and weird esoterics who thought they could have their Kaiser’s empire back. Some of the accused had gun licences and weapons at home, but it’s hardly imaginable that they would have had the resources to organise a successful coup, even if a former special forces soldier of the KSK was among those arrested.

The national revolutionary movement in Germany has no links to monarchists, the so-called Reichsbürger movement or other reactionary elements. Our political fight is waged with the weapon of truth and free speech and on the foundation of rational thinking based on our worldview. That is what the system has to deal with. The raid against Reichsbürger was just a big propaganda show for the sheep in front of their TVs and newspapers to show them the system can supposedly still defend itself. And of course the biggest enemy of the rulers are still nationalist forces, from which the system has found Reichsbürger to serve as their pawn sacrifices. Meanwhile, criminal foreigners and communist offenders can continue their illicit business in front of the eyes of the law. The system of the BRD sets its priorities as usual.