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Germany Calling: Resistance against Germany’s corona politics grows


GERMANY CALLING. Our correspondent from Der III. Weg reports on the anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany and how the politics of Der III. Weg are connecting with the people.

Der Dritte Weg anti-corona lockdown graphic
Der III. Weg leaflet: “The system is more dangerous than corona!”

The people in Germany are suffering under the criminal politics of the corona crisis. The government is removing the people’s rights, and the lockdown has caused many problems for businessmen, workers, children, pensioners and more. But not everybody is just sitting at home and accepting the situation…

Demonstrations across the country

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
A Der III. Weg rally against coronavirus lockdown measures in Siegen, Western Germany

More and more people are fed up with losing their rights, wearing masks and living like prisoners who are only allowed to go to work. As such, there is a huge movement of people taking to the streets to fight for their rights. But it isn’t just nationalists who are demonstrating. Many different people across all classes and from all parts of society are there together on the streets. Even people who were not previously interested in politics have started to fight for their rights.

Members of Germany’s leading revolutionary movement – Der III. Weg – are very used to demonstrating, so they are joining the demonstrations and showing the people that they are willing to fight for their rights. The demonstrations are excellent places to hand out leaflets and brochures of the political party to the people. It’s a good way to get in contact with people and tell them about the movement and the political aims of Der III. Weg.

Der Dritte Weg anti-corona lockdown activism
A Der III. Weg member distributes information at an anti-lockdown demonstration in Karlsruhe

The people are becoming criminalised

Members of nationalist movements are well aware that the media and politicians are always trying to stigmatise them, but regular members of society have little experience of such treatment. However, this is exactly what normal people are currently undergoing. The people just want their rights back, and the media and politicians are slandering them for it. The mass media is telling their consumers that all the protesters are Nazis, even if they don’t have anything to do with politics.

So the people are learning that the system is a system of injustice and that it’s not possible to say what you want. Freedom of speech is a dream, and reality demonstrates something totally different. If your opinion contradicts that of the establishment, the media and politicians will call you a Nazi. Terms like these are used to shut people up.

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
Der III. Weg members protest the lockdown laws in Germany during their May Day 2021 demonstration in Chemnitz
Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
“Get out on the streets! Question this madness! Support our struggle!”

Media lies

The first demonstrations took place in 2020. In Berlin, tens of thousands of people came to protest against the corona lockdown politics. The media lied about the numbers of protesters and told the people that only right-wing extremists were there, but thousands of people who were present saw the truth for themselves. This led to the people losing more and more trust in the mass media. Of course, the government sent their undercover troublemakers to the events to cause riots so the TV cameras could catch footage of “violent protestors” to broadcast to the nation. This tactic is something nationalists know very well. But now regular people are recognising what is going on behind the scenes.

Anti-lockdown demonstration march in Kassel, Germany, 20 March 2021:

All of these factors are leading to a fusion of the resistance against the government. People who previously did not cooperate are now on the streets together. People are getting more and more dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and more open minded to nationalist positions. This is where Germany’s leading revolutionary movement, Der III. Weg, can converse with the people and show them their vision of a better Germany. A crisis like this is a perfect breeding ground for nationalist politics.

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown activism
Der III. Weg anti-lockdown activism in Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin