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Great response from the people of Uppsala


ACTIVISM. At 10.30 on 23 February, members of Nest 1’s activist division visited Uppsala, Sweden, to spread the message of the Resistance Movement.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Uppsala, Sweden

The activists were in good spirits as they set up at the town square with their flags. As it was still a little early in the day, there weren’t many people around and everything went calmly. The police arrived after about an hour but kept themselves at a distance. They asked a few questions here and there but soon tired of doing so when they didn’t get any answers.

A minor incident occurred when a racial stranger with a dim view of those not sharing her opinions got off the bus near the activity. The situation was diffused relatively quickly, however, thanks to the respectful behaviour of the Resistance Men she was shouting at.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Uppsala, Sweden

One man came over to one of the activists and asked who they were and why they were there. After the activist told him about his and his comrades’ struggle, the man became teary-eyed with joy and wished them all well, parting with the promise of future support.

After around four hours’ of good responses from the people of Uppsala, the activists ended the activity. The police harassment wasn’t at an end, however, as the officers decided to conduct a “routine vehicle check” that only involved searching cars belonging to the activists.

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