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Has the Resistance Movement been bought by Russia? Memorandum from the Center for Preventing Violent Extremism


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. In a memorandum recently published by the Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism (Center mot våldsbejakande extremism), a series of lies were written about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s so-called Russian connections, presumably with the purpose of helping classify the organisation as a terrorist group. Simon Lindberg comments.

The Russian Imperial Movement during a demonstration against Putin in 2012.

On 6th April this year, the nationalist organisation Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) were classified as a terrorist group by the US State Department. The main reason for the classification was that the RIM trained and mobilised troops against American interests, including during the Ukraine conflict in 2014. As the Nordic Resistance Movement has had some contact with the RIM over the years, the Orwellian “Center for Preventing Violent Extremism” (CVE) agency are now using this in an attempt to defame us, with the likely aim of also classifying us as a terrorist group.

“The Russian Imperial Movement and their cooperation with the Nordic Resistance Movement”

The memorandum is packed full of speculation and outright lies to such a degree that it makes coverage of us by globalist propaganda papers like Expressen and Expo look like serious journalism. The lies are also presented in a very cowardly way, partly due to the memorandum being published anonymously, and partly due to its many lies being ascribed to claims by other parties. If the CVE are doing something for their money and have any idea about the Resistance Movement, it must be completely obvious to them that these claims by other parties are lies. The fact that the CVE is working for the government and receives many millions of kronor from taxpayers in state funding every year hardly makes the whole affair any less remarkable.

In the memorandum it’s made out that the RIM has collaborated very closely with the Resistance Movement since at least 2015. This cooperation is claimed to have included the RIM giving activists from the Resistance Movement combat training. It’s also asserted that the Resistance Movement received economic contributions that were so large that Russian oligarchs with a direct connection to the Russian regime were suspected to be behind them, and that said contributions also corrupted the Resistance Movement and induced us to change our ideological orientation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Furthermore the memorandum claims that a number of NRM activists travelled to Ukraine in 2014 to participate in armed conflicts against Russia, and that we carried out several bombings in Gothenburg.

The following quote from the memorandum is also remarkable:

Meanwhile, the NRM’s ideological shift – from taking an anti-Russian line in the Ukraine conflict to adopting a geopolitical pro-Russian standpoint today – may have already had consequences for Swedish and international security. In 2018, the NRM conducted an action against the American embassy in Stockholm. Activists threw a squib into the embassy area to show their displeasure at air operations against the Assad regime in Syria, which were conducted by the USA, France and Great Britain.

Violent extremists?

So what’s the truth?

Over the years we have had some contact with the RIM in the same way as we have, and have had, with a number of other nationalist-minded organisations across the world since our formation. Contact with the RIM has chiefly consisted of a couple of interviews on Nordfront.se, a visit to their headquarters during a stay in Russia in 2015, and their visit to our Nordic Days event the same year.

It’s also correct that the RIM donated a symbolic sum of money to the Resistance Movement during their visit to Nordic Days. This amount, which was suggested as being part of an attempt by the Russian regime to create instability in Sweden and persuade the Resistance Movement to alter our ideological positions to the benefit of the Russian state, was previously made public in an interview with the RIM in the New York Post. The amount of the contribution was 150 euros – barely 1,500 Swedish kronor. No other economic contributions have come from the RIM, either before or after this occasion.

Of course the Resistance Movement have not been bought off or allowed our political issues to be radically changed, and nor will such a thing ever happen. For 1,500 kronor I doubt you would even get the Swedish-Somali Association to change their views on any issues. If the Russian state, contrary to expectations, ever want to contribute to us because they like what we’re doing, I sincerely hope they will at least add an extra couples of zeros to the number on the cheque.

So have we changed our ideological direction for reasons other than the economic? The fact is that the Resistance Movement never took any clearly defined positions in the Ukraine conflict as we did not regard it as our battle to fight; and besides, we always consider it a great tragedy when white people fight one another for globalist interests. The few statements we made about the conflict were more favourably disposed towards the Russian side, partly on account of the USA and EU’s strong ties to the Ukrainian side. This very cautious Russian-friendly line has been held by all our public representatives from the beginning until today and has never changed.

It also isn’t the case that any of our activists, with our knowledge and permission, travelled to the conflict to fight – either on the Ukrainian or Russian side. On the other hand, there were people in the Swedish nationalist milieu – of whom just one had previously been engaged in the Resistance Movement – who did so without our approval.

The subject of the Gothenburg bombings is another perpetually rehashed lie that we have responded to several times in the past. The CVE also knows very well that the two bombings – one at a refugee centre and one at an Anti-Fascist Action HQ (which incidentally didn’t injure anyone or cause any major damage) – were carried out by people who had left the Resistance Movement and acted completely without the organisation’s knowledge or sanction. The accused were acquitted for the third alleged bomb, which wasn’t detonated.

It’s true that the Resistance Movement held a number of actions throughout 2018 in relation to the USA having dropped bombs on Syrian soil. One of these actions took place at the American embassy in Stockholm and involved firecrackers. However, this action had absolutely nothing to do with the RIM.

We National Socialists will always – in all contexts in which we have the opportunity – act against rogue states that attempt to subjugate sovereign nations for globalist and Zionist interests.

We National Socialists will always – in all contexts in which we have the opportunity – act against rogue states that attempt to subjugate sovereign nations for globalist and Zionist interests. This has been done and will continue to be done with or without any foreign contacts. Whether this will have consequences for Swedish and international security, however, is highly questionable.

Whether it’s Magnus Ranstorp, Heléne Lööv, Christer Mattsson or someone else in the CVE’s so-called expert council that’s responsible for the memorandum, we can only speculate. But that it consists of deliberate lies published with the aim of harming the Resistance Movement in order to weaken the resistance against the destruction of our nation can be established without doubt. An agency acting in this way is yet more proof of how afraid they are of our growth.

In conclusion I would like to wish all Russian nationalists success in our common struggle to replace the corrupt regimes that control our nations today. I also regret that the RIM have been branded as a terrorist group by the world’s most active terrorists – the American state – and I hope this does not significantly hinder their work on behalf of the ethnically homogenous Russian people.

The struggle continues – both in Russia and in the North!