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Honouring Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholm – with large police presence


MEMORIAL. On Saturday 6 November – 389 years after Gustavus Adolphus fell in the Battle of Lützen – members of the Nordic Resistance Movement honoured the memory of the heroic king.

The comrades gathered and walked together to Gustav Adolf’s Square. There were already two police vans at the square, along with some undercover police cars, whose owners had the important and honourable task of guarding a statue so no visitors could commemorate and honour the king with flowers, candles or speeches. The police force did not want to take the risk of anyone paying tribute to old ideals like self-sacrifice, courage and duty – ideals that are not possessed by the rulers and statesmen of today, but rather by the Resistance men.

Police harassment of NRM activists at Gustav Adolf Square, Sweden

The comrades lined up by the statue and lit candles. Three candles were laid in conjunction with the speech that was written for the day. Part of the speech read:

That Gustavus Adolphus would die in battle was not totally unexpected. During most of his years on the throne, Sweden was at war, and he usually fought on the battlefield, something that was unthinkable for most other European kings.

The fateful day finally came on 6 November 1632, when dense fog covered the battlefield in Lützen. When the troops were assembled in the early morning, the king rode up in front his men, ready for combat, in order to instil courage ahead of the coming battle.

The fog seemed like it would never ease that morning, but the time had come. As the foot soldiers strode forth across the field, the king rode at the head of Småland’s horsemen.

But in the chaos on the battlefield, where the dense fog mixed with gunpowder smoke, Gustavus Adolphus was separated from the Swedish troops and met his fate when he was struck by several bullets and then stabbed. The king was dead, but his memory lives on…

… Gustavus Adolphus deserves to be honoured, as he made Sweden into a major power. He and his Blue Brigades fought for the greatness of Sweden, and he was a king who fought on the frontlines with his soldiers, despite all the dangers. The courage and self-sacrifice he displayed is worth honouring in itself.

We therefore light three candles.

Let the first symbolise self-sacrifice.

The second, honour.

The third, victory.

These things are just as important to us – the fighters of today – as they were in the time of the Lion of the North. Comrades, like the fighters of old, we never sound the retreat. There is only one way in the warrior’s battle – forwards! Towards honour and valour – towards victory or death!

NRM honour Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholm

After the flowers were laid and all the candles were lit, the shortest minute’s silence in history was held. The police rushed over and grabbed hold of the participants and spectators, demanding they identify themselves and be searched. Protests broke out, and some of the police became aggressive, grabbed and pulled at the comrades and threatened them with a night in the cells if their anti-free speech directives were not followed. A female attendee was searched so thoroughly that the offending officer’s actions could have been considered sexual assault.

Police harassment of NRM activists at Gustav Adolf Square, SwedenPolice harassment of NRM activists at Gustav Adolf Square, Sweden

One comrade was pulled away because he showed a will to defend himself against the police. Several other comrades stood face to face with the newly graduated police officers and questioned their career choices. The police-cucks’ eyes shifted nervously and some started to tear up.

Police harassment of NRM activists at Gustav Adolf Square, Sweden

After the comrade who was taken away was informed he would receive a penalty order and then released, the memorial ceremony was concluded.

Police lorry at Gustav Adolf Square, Sweden
There was even a truck onsite as part of the police operation. Meanwhile, a young woman was reported as having narrowly escaped being raped in Täby, a few miles away, with the perpetrator still at large…