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Interview: Patrik was raided by the police – they refused to explain why


INTERVIEW. Patrik is a longtime member of Sweden’s Nest 7 who was recently subjected to state repression when the police entered his home to conduct a house raid and confiscate his possessions.

NRM activist Patrik with flag

Hi, Patrik. Before we get on to the main topic, could you tell us how you became a nationalist and what made you join the Resistance Movement?

During my teenage years, I hung out a lot with the skinheads in Eksjö and drank and went around heiling. I was a socialist and listened to punk, but we were friends with the skinheads at that time. At the end of the 90s, many skinheads and punks started doing drugs. A lot of my friends died from pill overdoses. I moved to Nässjö at the beginning of the 2000s, and worked and travelled abroad, including to the USA, Europe and Asia.

9/11 was an eye-opener for me. That’s when I realised the USA was waging war against poor countries, and then lying about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction in 2003. I was mostly uninterested in politics until 2011, when the Left Party voted with the government to support the bombing of Libya when Gaddafi was deposed and murdered. And later, in 2014, when Nässjö was suddenly flooded with Arabs and blacks. That made me wonder if VAM (White Aryan Resistance) had actually been right in the 90s when they claimed that the more non-Europeans who come here, the higher the crime rates.

I read the Sweden Democrats’ party programme and realised they had been extremely liberalised since the 1990s. Later, I became interested in the Resistance Movement when a friend went to the demonstration in Gothenburg on 30 September 2017. After that, I sent in an application.

Tell us about the house raid. What happened?

It was a regular Tuesday morning. I had left for work, and my partner and our two-year-old son were at home on the sofa asleep in front of children’s TV shows. Suddenly they awoke to find two people from a police task force standing in the living room. My partner looked down the hallway and saw the rest of the police officers standing in a line. The first thing she said was, “Where the hell is my child?” She shouted for him and he came running and screaming “Mummy!” and sat down with her on the sofa.

The task force leader said they would conduct a house search and asked, “Where is Patrik?” My partner answered that I wasn’t home. A woman from the task force went up to her and explained that I was suspected of a criminal offence. The house search lasted about one and a half hours. They photographed and documented of all my party clothes, posters, leaflets, books and prepper equipment, plus some other items.

At 6.12 a.m. I noticed I had several missed calls from my partner, so I called her and made contact at 6.30. She said that a police task force consisting of five or six people in full uniformed gear (helmets, bulletproof vests, black scarves covering their noses and mouths) were at our house, and two technicians were taking all the technical equipment (computers, phones, tablets). I told her I wanted to speak with the police and wondered why the house raid and confiscations were happening.

One of the men from the task force informed me that I was suspected of assault and unlawful threats. I told my boss at work that there was an emergency at home and I had to leave. I got home at 7.30, but by then the police had left. I called the police and was connected to an investigator called Petra. She said I was suspected of unlawful threats and harassment. I asked why the police task force had been in my home, but she refused to answer.

NRM flag thrown on floor by police during house raid
The police threw Patrik’s Tyr rune flags provocatively on the floor

At 8 p.m. on the same day, our doorbell rang and my partner opened the door, only to close it immediately and come to me and say there were two undercover police offices outside. I went and opened the door, and they asked to come in. I let them into the hall and they said they had orders to seize my mobile phone. I told them they had already taken all my phones and that the phone I had with me in the morning was my work phone.

They didn’t believe me and said they could do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way was that I would give them my phone. The hard way was that they would conduct a house search. I said we would do it the hard way, and they called for reinforcements. After searching for an hour, during which they again photographed my party clothes, posters, leaflets, various knives and axes etc., they gave up without finding a phone. I offered them an old phone as a consolation, which the task force had left behind, but they didn’t want it.

After the police conducted the house search, they also filed a report to social services regarding Patrik’s two-year-old son, which was based on Patrik belonging to a “white power milieu”. Patrik comments:

Regarding the report, things went well. The social welfare secretary said we are allowed to have whatever opinions we want, so she did her job professionally. She wondered if I had phoned the person/people I was suspected of harassing/threatening, but I said that I debate with political opponents on social media via written messages, so my son doesn’t hear anything. No further investigation was required.

NRM activist Patrik with son

Have any of the things the police took from you been returned?

I went to a meeting regarding the confiscated goods, and most of the confiscations were annulled. However, I have not been able to collect the items that are supposed to be returned, as the responsible person at Eksjö police station has made it impossible to reach them by phone or when I visit.

How do you think this case will develop going forwards?

I have no idea how it will develop, as I have not even been notified that I am suspected of a crime. The police have not questioned me, and according to the prosecutor, Jessica Andersson, the case concerns two messages on social media. One that they claim contains harassment, and another that supposedly constitutes an unlawful threat with a hate crime motive. The police investigator in charge of my case is the same person who informed me I was suspected of racial hatred crimes last year in Växjö. I was also not called in for questioning then either. It’s very strange.

On the whole, it feels as if the house search was excessive. Especially given that the task force had to secure the apartment of an honest family – whose only crimes are holding National Socialist values – before conducting the search. But it just proves that the system is terrified of the idea that there are Resistance men and women who want to change this declining society into a better one. One where a folk community prevails, people stick together through thick and thin, and where ethics, morality, honour and glory are guiding principles in every folk comrade’s heart.

It just proves that the system is terrified of the idea that there are Resistance men and women who want to change this declining society into a better one. One where a folk community prevails, people stick together through thick and thin, and where ethics, morality, honour and glory are guiding principles in every folk comrade’s heart.

Has the incident affected you and your family in any way?

My partner and I have taken it well, as we have nothing to hide. My partner already knows about possible reprisals from the system’s lackeys, but our son has now likely gained a negative impression of the police. This incident has not made us change our views or scared us in any way. On the contrary, it has strengthened our convictions that we are on the right path. The system’s unjustified intimidation tactics have made my girlfriend and me realise that we must never give in to this hypocritical and mendacious democratic dictatorship.

NRM activist Patrik distributing leaflets
Patrik distributes leaflets in Jönköping

Thank you for the interview, Patrik. Do you have any closing words?

We all have just one life, and I know that we can have things so much better than what is currently offered in Sweden and the North. Join the Nordic Resistance Movement and fight for your people, your freedom and a better life for you, your children and future grandchildren!