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Interview with chief of the Icelandic branch


INTERVIEW. Ríkharður, the chief of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, is interviewed by the hosts of Swedish activist podcast “Mer än ord” (More Than Words).

Listen to “Islands chef Ríkharður intervjuas av Mer än ord” on Spreaker.

Yesterday the Nordic Resistance Movement conducted an historic activity in Iceland. It was the first National Socialist public activity in the country since the Second World War. It also meant that the Resistance Movement has held public activities in all Nordic countries.

Marcus Nordh and Tobias Malvå from Mer än ord were present on the historic day on the streets in Reykjavik. During their visit they took the opportunity to have a chat with Ríkharður in a 20-minute interview.

Ríkharður on the streets of Reykjavik

In the interview we learn why the Resistance men are on Iceland and what they’ve done so far. It’s been a journey of both business and pleasure, with an excursion to see the sights and bathe in a hot spring, as well as activism, speeches and training.

One thing the activists got to try was some HEMA – historic European martial arts – a German medieval sword-fighting tradition which Ríkharður has practised for a number of years.

Ríkharður also spoke about his own awakening to National Socialism and the need for Nordic unity in Iceland. Lastly he explained the most important thing of all – how to say “Hail Victory” in Icelandic.