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It’s so damn fun being an active National Socialist!


STRUGGLE. Writing in the run-up to election day, Simon Lindberg pays tribute to all the comrades who were active in the election campaign and gives a wake-up call to all those who were not.

Simon Lindberg, Nordic Resistance Movement

As I write these observations, we are in the middle of the final stages of a fervent election campaign. Since I myself have the responsibility of being the highest leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, and therefore the chief executive of the ongoing election campaign across the whole country – in addition to the fact that I live in one of the four municipalities where we are standing in the local elections – I am really in the thick of things.

Over the course of the year, the election campaign has shaped large parts of my life, and it has increased in intensity in this final stretch. Lots of stress. Poor sleep as a result. Lack of a daily routine, which has led to bad eating habits and practically no exercise, giving me a temporarily weaker physical form as a result. A car that has travelled many more miles than usual, with increased costs in an already strained economy.

Despite all this, I want to make a clear and deeply honest statement: I sincerely wish this period would go on past Sunday evening! I would not want it any other way, and I will really miss this election campaign.

At the same time, it has also been incredibly fun. Apart from my beautiful family, this is what I live for. National Socialist freedom fighting with the utmost focus on reality, here and now – on the streets and squares!

Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Sweden

There has been a fantastic community, full of time well spent in the company of firebrands who have really given everything for the struggle. It has been absolutely incredible to experience the enormous support we clearly have among the people. If Morgan Johansson or Annie Lööf had been flies on the wall around our election tents or banners in town, it’s likely they would have emigrated to some other country where the people were more brainwashed and hungry for globalist White genocide policies.

In fact, I would go so far as to feel genuinely sorry for the nationalists who did not get to experience the same thing I did over recent weeks. Organisation comrades who live in Nests where we are not standing for election and who, for various reasons, have not been overly engaged in our somewhat less high-profile parliamentary campaign. Those who unfortunately chose to sit on the sidelines, instead of joining, or who were involved in the past but broke ranks over the years. Men and women who belong to other more or less nationalist-minded organisations who indirectly or even directly stated they do not believe in contesting elections, or at least do not participate in them themselves. They all miss how incredibly fun it is to be an active National Socialist – definitely one of the most fantastic feelings there is!

When I think back, I mainly remember the zeal and joy in the struggle I felt at the time. There were many of us who worked very intensively over a long period before that election, and I remember it as a happy time. It is hard to explain, but working together towards a predetermined goal can be very satisfying.

The above quote is from a recently published interview with Markus Nordh. It was in response to a question about what he remembered from the 2018 election campaign, but I believe it fits just as well here and now to describe the election campaign of 2022.

Simon Lindberg, Nordic Resistance Movement activism

Of course I do not mean that everything has been a bed of roses. Naturally, you also meet people who have a pronounced negative attitude towards us. However, the truth is that they are significantly fewer than those who have a decidedly positive attitude, and moreover they completely lack arguments for their cause. One example was the self-proclaimed highly educated and allegedly well-read Social Democrat I had the dubious pleasure of speaking with in Ludvika the other day, who claimed Arabs taught us agriculture, that Putin has been involved in more military conflicts in the last hundred years than the USA, and that White Swedish men are far more violent towards women than Middle Eastern and North African men are.

But this was one of the exceptions, as considerably more people expressed themselves positively about our presence. Unfortunately, it is not the case that even a fraction of all these positive people will join us. Regular people are quite simply not particularly interested in waging political struggle, regardless of whether it takes place in the name of the Left, Right or the Resistance Movement, and in addition they often feel they have too much to lose by being active themselves. It is more convenient to let the rest of us do the fighting.

It is also not the case that the majority of the positive people will vote for us, because it appears that “tactically voting” for the Sweden Democrats is not just limited to boomers but is also extremely deeply rooted among nationalist-minded people. Even among several veterans of the nationalist movement.

But the Gods know there are a lot of sympathetically minded people out there, and you meet many of them when you engage in street activism. Like the middle-aged man dressed in clothes that probably cost almost as much as my entire wardrobe, who eagerly informed us that he thinks what we do is really great and that he truly supports us, or the slightly younger working woman who was almost teary eyed when she happily exclaimed how much she loved us. These are just a couple of examples of what I personally experienced in recent days.

Even if we do not get a single vote more than those of our own members, I still believe it will have been worth standing in the election. We have won an incredible amount, even if we do not get elected anywhere. We have normalised ourselves, we have gotten a large number of people to appreciate us and who we are, and we have persuaded some of our opponents to at least understand that we are not the criminal terrorists the establishment led them to believe we are. They have instead been able to clearly see that we can stand for several hours in the same place on many occasions without even the hint of a disturbance taking place.

Of course it would be absolutely fantastic if we succeeded in getting a mandate somewhere, but it is in no way decisive. You could say the journey is the goal – and despite everything we have had a fantastic journey!

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden

Personally, I do not think it was just the public activism that was fun, but also the basic activism. I have never understood those who say it’s boring. Even though public activism is usually more fun, it is still a satisfying feeling to cover an entire city centre with stickers and posters, or supply an entire community with leaflets. Although you may not see as many reactions from this type of activism yourself, you still have the knowledge that you are creating reactions – both negative and positive – and that you are shaping people’s thoughts and influencing their lives.

Think how fantastic it is to be able to do that, how significant it makes your life, instead of just living for yourself, with watching TV or drinking yourself stupid being the highlight of your week. No, what we occupy ourselves with is “true quality of life”, as a comrade put it the other day.

Naturally, you can and should also weigh the benefit versus the cost. Is it worth it? From a purely financial point of view, it may be that you would achieve greater success with different approaches, but if we also take these higher values I mentioned into account, then at any rate I say definitely: YES, it is worth it! I have probably personally distributed 100,000 leaflets in my life, and would gladly distribute just as many again before the day I die, whether it’s conducive to my well-being or not.

Simon Lindberg, Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting

I am reasonably convinced that those who claim to dislike conducting activism – public as well as basic – are either lazy or cowardly people who have never actually done it themselves, or those who once upon a time felt just like me, but who, due to passivity, have forgotten how fantastic it actually is.

Or, as another comrade put it to me in a conversation this week:

A lot of activism makes you want to conduct even more activism – and the more activism you engage in, the more fun it gets!

No doubt the opposite applies as well. If you are away from activism for a while, you forget how fun and rewarding it actually is on a purely individual level, regardless of the effects it generates. The fact is that I would not even wish for my worst enemy to miss out on experiencing the incredible feeling that I and many others in our organisation currently enjoy.

If you feel a little rusty, that’s OK; it’s just like exercising or breaking a bad habit – it gets easier and more fun the more you do it, and it’s most difficult at the beginning, when you have to confront your own inner demons. If you don’t believe me, please try to prove me wrong by greatly increasing your activism level from tomorrow – and although writing work and internet activism is valuable, for the sake of this challenge it must be actual physical activism, side by side with one or more fighting comrades. I guarantee you will have a rewarding time ahead of you!

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism

My greatest challenge as a leader going forwards will be how to utilise all this positive energy in and around our organisation right now for something else when election day has passed. How we will shift the energy to something else instead of letting it go out the window, and how we can get more people – both within and outside the Nordic Resistance Movement – to experience it and get into the game themselves and understand how amazing it feels to be involved in making a difference.

However, this is a very difficult task, as it is rare to have such a concrete goal to work towards as we do during an election campaign – even though this goal itself is hard to attain and one that is influenced by other factors outside our control. The easiest and best case scenario would be if the election campaign never ended.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism

Finally in this article, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who expresses their support to us wherever we show up – it means so much and provides a real boost of energy, as well as hope and exuberance. Thank you to everyone who takes it a step further and actually votes for us. And an even greater thanks to everyone who stands by our side now or chooses to join us!

But I want to direct the biggest thank you of all to the comrades who were there day in and day out – you, who in rain and shine, spread our organisation’s name and ideology, and thereby in all likelihood truly understand and concur with every word I write in this article. Thank you, not just because you are helping free our people with your self-sacrifice, but because you also make my life more enjoyable and better on a purely personal level.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika

Thank you for helping remind me – through your actions – that it’s damn fun to be an active National Socialist, regardless of the election results we achieve!